GAME Belong stores to host UK esports tournaments with prize pools

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GAME has announced its first nationwide UK esports tournament which will take place in its new Belong competitive gaming stores.
The Belong Arena Clash Spring 17 season is a Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare tournament with a prize pool of £1,000.
Not only that, but the winning team will secure an all-expenses-paid spot at the Call of Duty World League in Birmingham later this year.

“Belong Arena Clash is the first step for aspiring esports players to test their skill.”

The competition kicks off on March 11th and takes place over five weeks.
Players will be able to enter at five of the following Belong Arenas: Bristol, Gateshead, Hull, Manchester and Portsmouth.
It’s not clear what other tournaments GAME will run in the future, but you can expect them to make full use of their new arenas with other game tournaments.
The initial GAME Call of  Duty tournament starts as an Arena Draft, where teams compete with locals to determine their seeding for the full Arena Clash season.
Players will get behind their local Arena ‘Tribes’ and go head-to-head with other regional arenas across the UK.

GAME is charging customers £5 to £8 to rent out its new gaming arenas

GAME first hinted at these Tribe teams late last year; Esports News UK interviewed Multiplay founder Craig “Wizzo” Fletcher about them.
“Belong Arena Clash is the first step for aspiring esports players to test their skill,” GAME said on its new Arena Clash website.
“The Arena Clash is open to anyone, just head down to your local Arena and sign-up to enter the Drafts!”
There’s more info and sign-up details on the official website here.

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