Distrikt secure UK Masters top spot as four teams reach the playoffs – final week group stage recap

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Roll up roll up! The final week of regular-season games in the League of Legends UK Masters is here and boy is it a juicy one. David Hollingsworth provides a recap as four teams qualify for the playoffs (in order of seeding): Distrikt, MnM, exceL and UK Legends.
The top two teams were all set to do battle this week, to discover who would end the season as top dogs. Speaking of dogs, Bulldog eSports fought it out with UK Legends to claim some pride as they end the season.
Day two would bring us another top-four side in exceL taking on the now-disbanded Perilous Void, as exceL try to secure their number three slot in the UK Masters. We also end week seven with a brief look back on the season as a whole, concluding with our thoughts on the teams and players.

Flawless – Day One

Distrikt v MnM
Game one of the final week started with the top two teams going toe to toe, to decide who would end the season first in this class of titans.
It was set to be a close series between MnM and Distrikt. MnM have just won the ESL UK LoL Premiership and Distrikt were looking to end the season with their 100% record intact.
It was Distrikt who looked set to keep the form train rolling into the UK Masters station, however, as they took game one in a fairly convincing style, ending the game on the 25-minute mark after the ace over MnM into the Baron.

It always looked like Distrikt had their eyes set on the perfect season as they swept game two in under 25-minutes with a sizable lead over the MnM squad. Distrikt took the series 2-0 as both teams move into the playoff games next week.
Bulldog v UK Legends
Game two of the day was mostly a foregone conclusion as far as table position is concerned. UK Legends had already got the qualification in the bag, with only third place to play for, while Bulldog would end the season in last place due to Sensei getting the free win on Day Two, due to TCA dropping out of the season.
We still had a game of League of Legends to play however; both teams looked up for it throughout, although game one ended with UK Legends taking it. Bulldog had something to build on in the second game of the series.
UK Legends were no doubt still celebrating their game one win over Bulldog, but Bulldog refused to give up, as they stormed back to bring the series to a 1-1.

Devoid of exceLence – Day Two

Perilous Void V exceL
With only one game to play in day two of the UK Masters due to TCA still not recovering from their loss to MnM last week, we only had Perilous Void and exceL to entertain us for day two (and of course the wonderful UK Masters casting team).
As always in UK esports, this week was not without its news. The day before the game, Perilous Void confirmed their LoL roster in its current state was no more. The team did show up for one last match in the UK Masters though.
I believe in fairytales and dreams personally, it’s what separates us from the demons under our beds and the nasty people of the world who tell you that you will forever be a Silver scrub. We had the makings of a fairytale ending for the Perilous Void this week, as the roster played its final series together in the UK Masters.
But exceL don’t care much for a happy ending, as they took the kill fest that was game one around the 30-minute mark, and took one step closer to that third place league spot.
Game two had fewer kills and ended slightly faster. Sadly for Perilous Void and all you dreamers, it ended the same way as game one; exceL took the sweep of the series cruising into third place and onto next week’s playoffs.


One for the Teams – My end of season thoughts

Distrikt, MnM, exceL and UK Legends
First off, well done to our UK Season 2 playoff teams: you gave us some great moments and some quality series so far. We can’t wait to see how the rest of the season plays out next week as we discover who will progress to the final at Insomnia59.
To the teams who don’t make it, don’t lose heart in defeat, you made it that far for a reason and it’s something to build on and come back stronger in future. Good luck to all teams involved next week.
Perilous Void, TCA, Sensei and Bulldog eSports
We lost two of these teams already before the season ended. That is never a nice thing to see as someone who loves the UK scene, despite being fairly new to it. Don’t let this defeat be the end of your career in LoL, use what you learnt to become better players and take every positive into all future teams.
Esports is a cruel mistress and I have a lot of respect for all the teams and players who show up week in week out and perform. Let’s make the UK scene great (again!) and support each other as we move into 2017.

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