Distrikt march on in the UK LoL Masters – week 6 recap

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David Hollingsworth looks back on this week’s UK Masters League of Legends matches…
Ah, pre-season time again on the Rift. The shake up of the champion meta, item changes and headaches for everyone dropping from Gold IV to Bronze  IV (and on this occasion Challenger to Bronze V!), because Riot hates you and everything you stand for! Not that I’m upset of course, I love carrying myself through Bronze as a support main.
Back to people who are actually decent at League of Legends, week six had some top of the table clashes and some bottom of the table scraps in the UK Masters. So strap yourself in readers and let my words guide you through this weeks UK Masters games.

Score Draw – Day One

Sensei v UK Legends
Game one of the week saw third place UK Legends looking to get the jump on the top of the table sides, as they faced off against a struggling Sensei side.
Game one went just the way UK Legends had hoped and precisely the way Sensei would have had nightmares about the night before.
Game one was over in a flash, Sensei would have to pull out something special in game two. It was a much tighter game than the first of the series, with the score swinging back and forth.
Sensei won the game to level the series 1-1, earning them vital points to keep their heads above water for another week.
Perilous Void v Bulldog 
Game two of the day gave us a big bottom of the table clash, with both teams really needing a win to push them up the table and not end the season rock bottom.
Game one of the series was close throughout as expected; Bulldog managed to get the breakthrough, taking game one of the series and putting pressure on Perilous Void in game two.
Game two was as tense as game one. Perilous Void needed the win to salvage some points for the week, while Bulldog could do with a 2-0 victory to climb up the table. After another back and forth game, it was Perilous Void who claimed victory in the end, finishing off day one with two 1-1 series.


Distrikt One – Day Two

Distrikt v exceL
Day two started with the top of the table Distrikt facing off against table climbers exceL, in what was set to be a great series.
Game one was a quick, sub 30-minute affair with a dominant display from Distrikt as they showed why they are one of the top teams in the UK Masters right now.
Game two was an equally quick game, Distrikt grabbing it again under 30 minutes but it was a much closer game than the first in the series, which will give exceL food for thought going into week seven.

The final game of the week saw MnM take on TCA in what was one of the best games of League of Legends we have ever seen.
Both teams channelled their inner LCS superstar in was a truly thrilling series with both teams fighting hard.
MnM managed to take the series 2-0, with both games ending in a mad dash to see who could down the Nexus faster, MnM had a 500-stack Nasus smashing at the Nexus, while TCA had a full build Bard ADC!
With that win, MnM kept their grasp on the title in play, but the momentum is truly with Distrikt as we head into week 7.
We have been informed by our lawyers to let you all know that the above game between MnM and TCA was a forfeit by TCA eSports handing the win to MnM. The above match report is a figment of our writer’s imagination and should be ignored.
That’s a wrap, folks
So, week six draws to a close with not too many shifts in the table and the standout teams are starting to push forward and build a big lead.
If any of this week’s games made you inspired to play in the UK League of Legends scene, then don’t forget to head over to our ‘Which UK League of Legends Teams are Looking for New Players‘ post to see what teams are looking for new recruits.

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