Gross Gore announces YouTube streaming plans in nose job reveal video

UK League of Legends streamer Ali “Gross Gore” Larsen will now be streaming on YouTube as well as Hitbox going forwards.
The streamer – who was banned from Twitch and told us in a recent interview he is leaving drama behind – made the announcement in a video log today (Sunday October 2nd).
“I’m a streamer on Hitbox and I’m not actually in a contract with them,” he said. “I’ve been streaming on their website for six months.
“I will now be streaming both on Hitbox and on YouTube. This is pretty crazy because I normally sit on one platform at a time, but with YouTube Gaming it feels like I can connect to more of my viewers and reach more of you guys.
“So if you guys want to come and say hello, then come and say hello. I’ll be streaming every day. What I want to do with my life now is stream every day, six hours a day.
“All I want to do is get good at League of Legends, have a laugh, analyse every game, have a good time, get my highlights and grow my audience.”
Gross Gore’s main focus of the video was to reveal his new nose, after getting a nose job in late September.
“I feel great about myself, this past week has been brilliant,” he said. “I feel high on just life and I feel good about my image. It’s always made me feel like crap over the past ten years but I’m happy now. I’m not so mad at the world anymore.
“If there is anybody out there watching and there’s something about you that you want to change, go and change it.
“I feel amazing and so happy, I just love the way I look now. I love my nose, I love it so much. I can see everything now!”
The streamer now has over 320,000 subscribers on YouTube.
Gross Gore also mentioned the Twisted Fate car he’s working on as the next big goal for him, and reminded viewers that he’s moving house in the near future.
Check out Ali’s video log in full below and our interview with Gross Gore here.

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