UK League of Legends team manager Rob Allen joins eSports News UK as video producer

Rob Allen, UK eSports team manager who has worked with the likes of Choke Gaming and ManaLight, will be making videos for eSports News UK.
He will be producing a variety of content including League of Legends player interviews, discussion shows and post-match analysis videos for the eSports News UK YouTube channel.
Rob has worked as team manager for UK eSports orgs ManaLight and Choke Gaming in the past, and as a coach for Denial eSports during their summer 2015 Challenger Series run.
He started out in eSports back in 2009, playing Call of Duty at a semi-pro level.
Rob said: “The past three League of Legends splits have been a rollercoaster for myself. From being one series away from LCS (losing via DDOS) with Denial to ‘Choking’ in the Semi-Finals of the ESL Premiership with Choke, and then getting back up again with a strong ManaLight roster (until the org disbanded).”
“I’m passionate about helping others and I feel that by helping to produce video content for the UK scene, this will help give us an extra platform to grow from. Even if we can just grow it a little bit by providing video content, if everyone involved is giving 110% in their respective roles, whether it be as a player, coach, manager, writer and so on, the scene WILL grow.

Rob Allen (second from right) with Choke Gaming and ManaLight players

“It pisses me off to see ignorant people blame it totally on a lack of funding. What are you doing to help secure that funding? Pull your finger out of your ass and put everything into it.”
Aside from wanting to help others and grow the scene, Rob says he has personal reasons for getting involved with producing video content – and getting his face out there more.

“If everyone involved in UK eSports is giving 110% in their respective roles, whether it be as a player, coach, manager, writer and so on, the scene WILL grow.”

“I’ve always liked the idea of being on the stage and doing virtually anything to entertain a crowd,” he added. “I write my own comedy skits when I’m bored and will share those one day when I’m more confident in them. I know this isn’t exactly being on a stage, but it’s a way of helping me build my confidence up in front of an audience (albeit a very harsh one)!
“eSports News UK has come a long way from where it started and is a great source of information for UK semi-pro players, amateur players looking to get involved and fans just interested in following the scene. With the addition of video to ENUK, we can provide a wider range of content in a more dynamic way.”

Rob speaking to eSports News UK at the ESL UK Premiership LoL finals in December 2015

eSports News UK founder Dom Sacco added: “I’m delighted Rob will be making some videos for us. He’s well respected in the UK eSports scene and has put in some top work at all the orgs he’s worked for in the past. I’m really looking forwards to seeing what he produces and what eSports News UK has in store on the video front in the future.
“Please welcome Rob to the team and give him a follow if you’re not doing so already.”
If you’re interested in being interviewed by Rob, please contact him or ENUK on Twitter.
You can also check out Rob Allen’s website here and his first League YouTube video here. 
To stay up to date with Rob’s videos and the other videos we’ll be producing over the coming months, subscribe to the eSports News UK YouTube channel here.

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