Aston Aunties to represent UK in European League of Legends university tournament

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Aston Aunties, the winners of the 2016 Game National Championship, will be representing the UK and the National University Esports League (NUEL) in Europe.
They will be taking part in the first ever University Esports Masters – a League of Legends tournament consisting of the winning teams from different national university leagues across Europe, including Italy, Spain, France, Portugal and the UK.
The teams and leagues are as follows:

  • Aston Aunties (NUEL, UK)
  • École Centrale Lyon (Student Gaming League, France)
  • Università Statale di Milano (University eSports Series, Italy)
  • Universidade Nova de Lisboa (E-University League, Portugal)
  • Skulls-Universidad Complutense Madrid (OG Series University, Spain)

The teams will compete for bragging rights and €500 (£417.31). It’s an excellent opportunity and proves that university-based eSports can help nurture and develop talent.
Matches will get underway next week (between July 18th and 23rd) and will be streamed on the University Esports Masters Twitch channel.
NUEL founder Josh Williams said: “This might be our only chance of playing in a European tournament, depending on how negotiations go, so lets make the most of it and get behind Aston!”
Aston Aunties team captain and ADC Marcus “MSR” Raiyat is already preparing his mastery spam skills (which previously caused this heated exchange between local rivals the University of Birmingham and Aston University).
UK casters Tom “Tridd” Underwood, Joshua “Dowsey” Dowse and Derry “Dezachu” Holt will be casting matches, along with the rest of the NUEL broadcasting team, including their new PBP caster and a guest caster.
It’s understood that the NUEL will be providing the English broadcast for all games.

“This might be our only chance of playing in a European tournament, depending on how negotiations go, so lets make the most of it and get behind Aston!”
Josh Williams, The NUEL

The University Esports Masters has recently featured Aston Aunties on its Facebook page:

NUEL 2016 Summer LoL Tournament
Aside from the University Esports Masters, the NUEL is also getting busy with other areas of focus. The League of Legends summer season has traditionally been one of the least competitive seasons for the NUEL with little turnout compared to its other tournaments, but those passionate have always attended regardless, like Bangor and Birmingham for example.
Despite the turnout, NUEL has continuously put in the work for those interested in the chance to keep that competitive spirit going regardless.
The NUEL launched their 2016 summer LoL tournament last weekend, with 28 teams signed up and ready to go. One of the most iconic teams to show up in the tournament is ‘D R O O L I O’ and the TCA-sponsored University of Birmingham (UoB) team. Droolio was one of the players that participated in the ESL UK Premiership Season 2 (see a Penta from him below):

Droolio played as ADC under the NUEL Super Team before being sent to the relegation bracket, which settled earlier this year. TCA UoB was also in there and have made a name for themselves in regular NUEL seasons and by winning the King of the North tournament back in March.
What else is the NUEL up to?
Elsewhere, the NUEL have launched their first CSGO tournament for the summer. With nine teams currently signed up and the first match being next Monday, we still have some time to go. We expect to see UK CSGO becoming more developed across universities going forwards, and as more people realise the platform the NUEL provides for CSGO, the player numbers will spike.
The NUEL is also running Rocket League tournaments.
For those interested in university-based eSports, check out the NUEL’S website here and find out how you can take part or spectate in the future.
You can also read our previous interview with NUEL founder Josh Williams about the league’s origins.

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