20 competitive UK streamers worth watching: Part 1

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There are tons of game streamers who regularly broadcast their gameplay on Twitch or other platforms – but who are our favourites?
Here at eSports News UK we’ve picked our top 20 individual UK streamers we enjoy watching the most, with a focus on the more competitive streamers.
We’ve included 10 players in this roundup – check out part 2 of our top UK streamers here.
Note: This is purely a selection of some of our favourites and is not supposed to be a definitive, ordered list. If there are any streamers you love and think we should highlight, please tweet us or leave a comment at the bottom of this article.

Spencer “A Huge Gorilla” Ealing
FIFA player, Epsilon Esports

Spencer Ealing FIFA
A Huge Gorilla is a big name in the UK FIFA eSports scene.
As a professional FIFA player for Epsilon Esports, he has won several tournaments from Gfinity Play Like a Legend to the Spring Masters and other online cups. Gorilla regularly streams on Twitch and provides an insight into some of the top-level play he’s become known for.

League of Legends streamer

Foxdrop is a Diamond 1 jungler who produces a lot of informative videos to help League of Legends players improve.
His streams and YouTube videos are super helpful, especially to lower and mid-tier elo players looking to git gud. He has a calm yet witty personality and manages to pull off the rare combination of being informative but also entertaining.
For more info, there’s an in-depth interview with Foxdrop here.

Ali “Gross Gore” Larsen
League of Legends streamer

Would Gross Gore join a UK eSports team?
Outspoken, honest and often controversial, Gross Gore has made a name for himself in the League of Legends community thanks to his Twisted Fate plays, entertaining streams and occasional drama.
After his address was leaked, viewers have sent him countless deliveries, including takeaways, the police and even a prostitute. He lets his viewers in to his personal life and has created a ton of different videos on Snapchat and YouTube – including this one (possibly the most painful thing we’ve watched). He earned more than £100,000 in Twitch donations alone last year.
Earlier this year Gross Gore was banned by Twitch but soon returned on Hitbox. With regular vods like this, how can you not love the guy?

Raymond “KaSing” Tsang
League of Legends player, Team Vitality

Team Vitality support KaSing was the only Brit to take part in the League of Legends World Championship in 2015, with his former team H2K
He currently plays in the EU LCS with Vitality – and occasionally finds the time to stream.
KaSing is a very friendly guy with a good sense of humour, and takes the time to answer questions from viewers. His streams are pretty fun to watch – if you’re a League of Legends support player, you should definitely tune in.

Mark “MarkyB” Bryceland
Call of Duty player, Team Infused

Glaswegian-born Mark Bryceland is a full-time Call of Duty pro who plays for Team Infused.
He’s been playing competitive CoD for more than five years now, and has won several tournaments from the Call of Duty Championship EU Finals to the EGL Open London.

Seb “numlocked” Barton
Overwatch player, Creation Esports

With a background in games such as Team Fortess 2 and League of Legends, Seb is an experienced competitive gamer who now plays Overwatch for Creation Esports.
In the past, he played for Choke Gaming’s League of Legends team, winning the 4Nations tournament in late 2014 and i56 in December 2015.
These days you can catch numlocked regularly streaming as a tank in Overwatch, explaining his plays, chatting to his viewers – oh and humming along to some of his favourite tunes too.

Camilla “Parmaviolet” Hart
CSGO player/manager, NRG

As team manager for NRG, Camilla “Parmaviolet” Hart was recently the sole English representative in the Team Unikrn all-female CSGO team formed late last year.
She mostly plays competitive CSGO and H1Z1 with her community.
Parmaviolet previously told eSports News UK in an interview that she’d love to see more girls in the CSGO scene.

Alexander “Raven” Baguley
HearthStone player/caster, Torpedo

Raven started out playing World of Warcraft (he once tried and failed to tank Molten Core as a level 58 Paladin called Lutipold – but that’s another story) before turning his hand to HearthStone in recent years.
He soon made a name for himself in the Hearthstone scene, playing for UK organisations such as London Conspiracy and ManaLight. Today he’s signed with Torpedo, and has sat on the analyst desk at tournaments from the ESL UK Hearthstone Premiership finals to the World Championships at Blizzcon.
Raven is a regular streamer, a fun guy who’s always smiling – and well worth a follow. It’s rumoured some still call him ‘Luti’ today.

Joshua “Snitch” Bennett
Heroes of the Storm player, Team Dignitas

Snitch is a 20-year-old professional Heroes of the Storm player for Team Dignitas. His top achievements so far include winning the ESL Championship in Katowice and the ESL Championship in Leicester earlier this year.
More importantly, he recently revealed the secret to his hairstyle in a Reddit AMA earlier this year.
This is the product I use along with the matching conditioner. It really gives you that next level, Katowice-winning shine,” he said. “I actually just blowdry my hair after a shower to get it looking how it does. Truly next level strats.”

Mark “Valkia” Purdy
Various games, Overclockers UK

While he’s not as competitive gaming-focused as other streamers in this list, Mark is an up and coming streamer we wanted to highlight for his fun, charming style. He really engages with his audience and keeps his stream interactive.
He plays a broad mix of titles, including Overwatch, Call of Duty, racing games and more, and also does some random stuff such as Photoshop tutorials too. He works for etailer Overclockers UK and is also a Twitch partner; his stream has started to really increase in popularity of late. Here’s a recent Widowmaker guide of his which was recently shared by the official Overwatch EU Twitter page.
Check out part 2 of our top UK streamers here.

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