Eclipse Computers to host League of Legends tournaments with cash prizes

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UK PC retailer Eclipse Computers has announced plans to introduce online League of Legends tournaments for players of all abilities.
An Eclipse UK LoL Bronze to Silver cup will take place this month, followed by a Gold to Platinum cup in June and a Challenger cup later on (for players at Diamond level or above).
Each tournament will feature a £250 prize pool, with £50 given to each player in the winning team. There will also be official Riot Games prizes up for grabs.
The tournaments will be held for members of the League of Legends UK Facebook group and streamed over at
Beyond League of Legends, Eclipse Computers will also host other game tournaments for the UK community in the future.
Eclipse Computers’ social media guru and LoL UK admin Tom “Gankicus” Villiers will run the events online, with funding for prizes provided by Eclipse.
Round one of the Bronze to Silver competition will start on the evening of Tuesday May 24th, and will run every evening for a few days until it concludes.
Tom Villiers told eSports News UK: “This is a great opportunity for players from the UK to make teams to compete for prizing.
“Hopefully it will help prepare them for bigger tournaments in the UK such as the ESL UK Premiership and Insomnia League of Legends tournaments from a grassroots community level.”
There will be a separate League of Legends Community Cup held live at the Eclipse Arena on June 4th, with Riot prizing and a trophy up for grabs.
Eclipse has already invested in its own gaming LAN centre – the Eclipse Arena – and has also sponsored Team Infused in the past. The firm’s parent company eSports Interactive also owns Choke Gaming and plans to continue investing in UK eSports.
Keep an eye on the League of Legends UK Facebook group for more details

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