Memes of the month (and other madness): April 2016

We’re a few days late for our UK eSports memes roundup this month, but to be fair it does take at least 24 hours to scour Cody’s Twitter feed.
Anyway, Rob Allen keeps pestering us, and it seems that Joekerism needs this shit to survive, so we’ll get right to it.

Disclaimer: Some strong language. Any tilting this article causes is not the responsibility of eSports News UK; any grievances should instead be taken up with Rob Allen immediately. 

Gross misconduct

The biggest this story this month in the UK League of Legends community was arguably Twitch banning popular streamer Gross Gore.
While we love Grossie and it wasn’t fun to write about what happened, the internet reacted the only way it knows how – with stupid pictures and memes. Like these:

And a bonus tweet illustrating Grossie’s stupidity lapse in concentration.


Lights out

There was more sad news in April as UK organisation ManaLight folded. Here’s our collection of crap to say farewell in one final tribute, from Tridd’s banter to Smiley’s boxers.

While you might be Choking back the tears over ManaLight’s departure (see what we did there?), Choke Gaming were focused on serious preparation last month. They subbed in jungler Nutri to replace Dandychap for the ESL UK Premiership LAN finals.

That lovable bugger Ped was pleased with the change, much to Dandychap’s disdain:

But while some of us are still getting over ManaLight’s departure, others like Choke Gaming’s ADC Joekerism are dealing with different matters:


The caster column

Sorry Joe.

They might not be casters in the UK scene, but these comparisons with the new Taric are too good not to mention:

Elsewhere, it seems that Will “Frozen Dawn” Burgess’ hair-fondling is starting to rub off on casters…

…and UK casters journeyed North for Insomnia Scotland:

That’s enough from meme master Draggles this month. Here’s one to balance the odds – a picture of him definitely drinking from an invisible cup.


Monstrosities of the Month

No words needed.


Kimmelman’s Kittens

Gary Kimmelman. The man, the myth, the Multiplay League Operator who posts Facebook updates quicker than Usain Bolt on speed, looks like he’s getting his own League of Legends club.
Introducing Kimmelman’s Kittens:


More random flavours of oddness

Okay as this is starting to get weird, here’s some other stuff we saw in April that doesn’t really fit in anywhere else.

First he graced us with his pyjamas and dressing gown, now former AeroX player Milkyard is showing off his ripped jeans.


The Redeye Rekt award

Finally, our award for the best banter, inspired by eSports caster legend Paul “ReDeYe” Chaloner, highlights a particular piece of savagery this month.
UK League of Legends community member troublemaker Cody “Coodywoo” Wood got burned in a leaked Twitter DM.

This spawned other memes:

In other Rekt news, here’s some Multiplay Rekt beer:

Okay that’s your lot for this month. The next pile of weirdness will be published in early June.
Our meme aggregation articles are just supposed to be a bit of fun, so if anything has upset you, please let us know.
Did we miss anything? Have your say in the comments section below or tweet us @eSports_News_UK

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