The Last Of Us survival tips

PS3 exclusive The Last Of Us hits shelves on June 14th, and to prepare you for launch day, Sony has provided us with seven top survival tips to help get you through the game.
The zombie apocalypse title currently has an average review score of 96% – so it’s well worth picking up. Here’s some essential gameplay advice for The Last Of Us:

1. Try to approach each combat encounter in fresh and inventive ways. Every situation is unique and different tactics can be applied that allow you to survive.
2. Explore offensive, defensive, weapon, stealth and melee options wherever possible. Every fight can be won in any number of ways.
3. Scavenge the environments for every possible item and part you can find. Finding training manuals, supplements, parts and tools will enrich your crafting skills and allow you to make powerful weapon upgrades and enhancements to defensive items such as making health kits more potent.
4. There are a lot of hidden Easter Eggs and collectibles throughout the game. Take pause, reflect and assess. This is a post-pandemic world. It’s familiar but unfamiliar and has hidden secrets that will aid you or enrich your experience strewn all over the place.
5. Objects and items used for puzzles might have multiple uses. Explore using the same item in more than one way to solve a puzzle.
6. Listen. Negative space is very important in the game. There’s a lot to be heard when the world is silent as it’ll help prepare you for when things get tense.
7. Listen some more. In particular listen to the dialogue between Joel and Ellie. There’s a great deal of contrast between these two characters – Ellie born during the pandemic, Joel born way before the pandemic – the differences will inform the narrative and give you insights into their worldviews and where you might need to head next.

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