Mezii’s keyboard and jersey at the Blast Premier Spring Final

Mezii's keyboard at Blast Premier Spring Final - Photo by Jonathon Yau

In this special series of articles, Esports News UK’s coverage of the Blast Spring Final 2024 is in collaboration with the betting partner GGBET UK | Photo by Jonathon Yau

UK CS2 pro player William ‘mezii’ Merriman has been catching eyes at the Blast Premier Spring Final this week, with his patriotic keyboard and flashy blue Vitality jersey, but what are they and can you get them anywhere?

Mezii’s keyboard at Blast Premier Spring Final

Mezii first showed off the new keyboard on his X (formerly Twitter) page in November 2023, where he posted a top-down view of the St George’s Cross inspired design.

The peripheral is a custom Cherry Xtrfy K5 keyboard, using an ISO transparent base, PBT Cherry Red keycaps and standard braided white cable.

Those red keys are surrounded by white letters to create the cross, and are backed by RGB LEDs built into the transparent base.

Mezii’s first name initial and last name is also UV-printed on the far-side, next to an English flag.

While Cherry Xtrfy offer a custom keyboard builder on the website, Mezii fans are not able to recreate the design, as the website only allows customers to change the keycap colours in preset patterns. The St George’s Cross design is not one of these options.

Players can however get their own country flag and name on the keyboard but the purchase of a frame is required to do so.

There is no surprise that Mezii’s keyboard is representing his heritage, as the rifler told Esports News UK in March that the CS fans’ atmosphere in Wembley Arena “will be something special, and [the event is] something that I’m very excited to play at.”

Community reaction to Mezii’s keyboard at Blast Premier Spring Final

The UKCSGO X account was loving the keyboard on home soil just before fans fill out Wembley Arena at Blast Premier Spring Final.

X user Seroko did poke fun at the design though…

Attacker0012 channeled his inner Gareth Southgate with three words that the rest of Europe hates to hear.

It was also revealed at ESI London today that 66% of Counter-Strike fans are also interested in football, when compared to 25% of all internet users.

Mezii’s Vitality jersey at Blast Premier Spring Final

Vitality New Jersey
The new Vitality Paris 2024 Third jersey. Photo: Team Vitality

Vitality are debuting a new jersey at Blast Premier Spring Final.

Announced on June 3rd 2024, their new kit features a red, blue and white design, but do not be fooled into thinking this represents the United Kingdom.

The “Vitality Paris 2024 Third” jersey instead celebrates the emblematic colours of the French flag as a tribute to Vitality’s heritage.

It is also a tribute to sporting competitions taking place in France throughout the summer, designed in collaboration with sportswear supplier Hummel to give a nod towards those competing in events such as the Olympics. 

The jersey comes in a collection which also features a hoodie, T-shirt, cap and jacket.

Vitality’s Fan Activities Director Amélie Canet explained that the esports team wanted to “enable fans to wear the colours of both their favourite team and their country this summer”.

It might represent the French flag, but it certainly doubles up as a way for UK Counter-Strike fans to celebrate mezii’s expected arrival at Wembley Arena, and perhaps it wasn’t a coincidence that they chose to wear this new jersey for the Blast Premier Spring Final.

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