‘Everyone is welcome’ – the R6 Community LAN that wants to fill a gap UKIN left behind

R6 Community LAN photo by Tammie Azure

Photos by Tammie Azure

Organisers behind a new series of R6 Community LAN events – open to everyone in the UK Rainbow Six Siege community – will host the next one at Staffordshire University.

There’s a buzz around Siege in the UK right now given the R6 Manchester Major is underway, and to celebrate, we also published a deep dive into the history of UK Rainbow Six Siege esports earlier today.

And at the grassroots level there’s a solid community interested in the game.

With the official UK & Ireland Nationals (UKIN) tournament not returning for 2024, the R6 Community LAN is looking to provide a way for fans and teams to get together and take part in some competitive Siege in another way.

Organisers held the first event at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London on February 3rd 2024, from 10am to 8pm. It was won by meep, slowz, Razz, Finn and Morgan.

The next event will take place at Staffordshire University’s new esports arena on October 12th 2024.

Tournament entry costs £25 per player, and there are 40 spots available overall. Spectator tickets cost £10 each, which allow guests to spectate the main bracket games as well as play in the 10 man mode.

AMGUNS, organiser of the R6 Community LAN events, is a software developer who graduated from Aston University last year, and is running this as a passion project.

AMGUNS told Esports News UK: “There used to be a tournament at Insomnia that would provide the winner with a spot in UKIN, [and now, with this no longer existing,] in a way we’re filling a gap left by UKIN.

“There’s currently a split between the competitive side and the playerbase in Siege, but everyone is welcome at our events.”

Anyone aged 18+ can attend and there’s no need to bring equipment, but there’s the option for players to bring their own keyboard, mice and headphones if they want. There will also be food available to purchase on the day.

r6 community lan players red bull

Players can also turn up individually and be assigned to teams, which is balanced based on the skill of the players signing up. Pre-formed teams can sign up too, but only for the 10 man mode.

This mode works on a first come first serve basis, with friends or full stacks welcome to play together, and sign ups will open on the day.

There will of course also be a main bracket tournament, with each team having two lives.

Prizes for the main bracket tournement (per player) include:

  • 1st: 6540 R6 Credits
  • 2nd: 3270 R6 Credits
  • Joint 3rd: 2670 R6 Credits
  • Joint 4th: 1200 R6 Credits
  • Joint 5th: 600 R6 Credits

All of the upcoming matches in October will be on stream and almost all matches will be played on the main stage, with broadcast talent casting all 13 games in the double elimination bracket.

There will also be dedicated photographers on the day. You can check out more photos from the first event here:

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