Tubbo completes Tubbathon 3 as stream marathon boosts Valorant Northern Europe league

Tubbo completes Tubbathon 3

UK streamer Tubbo has concluded Tubbathon 3, his latest annual streamathon after 64 days of non-stop streaming.

The Sussex-based streamer, also known as Toby Smith, started his latest challenge on March 1st 2024 and finished it last week.

The subathon works by extending the time of the stream whenever someone subs to his channel.

Tubbo played various video games during Tubbathon 3, as well as Dungeons and Dragons sessions, panel shows, IRL moments and more.

The streamer made the news on Dexerto after setting his toaster on fire, and received coverage on the BBC for his subathon.

He had originally planned to keep Tubbathon 3 going for 90 days, but 64 is still impressive given he managed just under a month last year.

Tubbo said after the feat:

“After 64 days Tubbathon 3 had come to an end. I feel physically unable to express my gratitude to each and every one of you guys, the support on this stream was more then I ever could have imagined and we smashed every record we had previously set!”


“It has made me think a lot about when I was 14 and would dream about how cool it would be to be a streamer like Shroud. If 14-year-old me could see me now he would literally lose his mind completely.

“This truly is my dream and the only reason I am able to live it everyday is because of you. I’m going to be taking some time to put my life back together!

“Right now I don’t how long I’ll be gone or when I’ll be back, but I promise when I am we will continue to do amazing things! So this is all from me – thank you so so much. Goodbye.”

The Twitch UK & Ireland Twitter account said to Tubbo: “What an amazing achievement.

“Bringing thousands upon thousands of people together to experience everything from Minecraft to a full on endurance race, with your friends by you side every step of the way.

“o7 Mr TubboLive. Thank you for the amazing stream.”

Valorant Challengers 2024 Northern Europe Polaris viewership boosted by Tubbathon 3

Operator for Valorant Northern Europe Polaris Challengers league

One of the games Tubbo played – and watched – was Valorant.

He co-streamed a few of the matches in Split 1 of the Valorant Challengers 2024 Northern Europe Polaris league, for teams in the UK, Ireland and Nordics.

Tubbo had around 3,000 to 4,000 average viewers, which helped increase overall viewership for Split 1.

The biggest impact he made for the league was towards the end, when he stopped co-streaming, as a lot of Tubbo viewers and fans continued watching Polaris afterwards.

This isn’t always the case with some co-streamers, whose audiences may not watch a tournament if the streamer isn’t co-streaming it.

The Valorant Challengers Polaris Twitter account thanked Tubbo for his efforts, saying: “Thank you for supporting Valorant Challengers Northern Europe: Polaris during the Tubbathon. Congrats Tubbo!”

Split 1 2024 had peak viewers of 5,749, average viewers of 945 (or 560 average viewers when excluding co-streams).

Last year, Split 1 had peak viewers of 10,271, average viewers of 2,185 (or 540 average viewers when excluding co-streams).

In 2022, there were 2,442 peak viewers, 564 average viewers (or 450 average viewers when excluding co-streams).

The league had a small increase in average viewership when excluding co-streams, which again isn’t bad given there are lesser-known players in the league this split compared to the spring split last year.

Last year the league had players like Vorwenn, Polvi, EC1S, L1NK, as well as Fokus, a team who have now moved back to the DACH region for 2024.

To show the impact they’ve made there, the DACH Evolution league in Split 1 2023 had 8,428 peak viewers and 2,805 average viewers, and for Split 1 2024 it had 24,967 peak viewers and 3,360 average viewers.

Our figures were taken from both official sources within Polaris and Esports Charts.

The news comes after Apeks, whose 2024 roster includes UK player Soulcas, won Polaris Split 1 2024.

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