Richard Lewis returns to the desk as part of the PGL Copenhagen Major 2024 talent line-up


British esports journalist and personality Richard Lewis is back as a desk host, having been announced as part of the PGL Copenhagen Major 2024 talent line-up.

He will work alongside fellow desk host Sjokz (who recently signed to DotX Talent) and stage host James Banks, among others.

Sam Davies (aka lolbanelor), who was previously a creative partner for many of Richard Lewis’ videos (including this classic on ‘the horror of UK esports’ and needing to nuke the scene from space), is also a part of the PGL event as an observer.

It’s the first time Richard Lewis has been a part of an esports broadcast since the PGL Major in late 2021. He is of course well-known for his work in journalism, and last year won another Esports Journalist of the Year award, at the 2023 Esports Awards. He also works as an Adjunct Professor at the University Of New Haven.

Richard Lewis said:

He added: “I look forward to seeing old friends and working with old colleagues, even if some people in those categories aren’t there. I also welcome working with new people and new opportunities, such as working with one of the greatest hosts in our industry for the first time.”

PGL said in this announcement post: “Famous figures Richard Lewis and Eefje ‘Sjokz’ Depoortere will take the helm as the desk hosts, guiding fans through the anticipated event with their insight and expertise.

“With years of experience in esports journalism, Richard Lewis is renowned for his deep knowledge of the competitive scene. His partnership with Sjokz, one of the most beloved and respected figures in esports, is set to provide an unmatched level of insight and entertainment.”


“Sjokz’s extensive experience in hosting premier esports tournaments, coupled with her genuine passion for esports, makes her an ideal figure to guide the discussions and analyses throughout the game.”

He joins a host of other PGL Copenhagen Major 2024 talent, listed below.

The Major kicks off on March 17th 2024 and will run until March 31st, with the playoffs stage taking place at the Royal Arena in Denmark.

Teams at the major include elimination stage teams Faze, Spirit, Vitality (who feature UK rifler mezii), Mouz, Complexity, Virtus Pro, Navi and G2, plus opening stage teams Cloud9, Eternal Fire, Ence, Apeks, Heroic, 9Pandas, Saw, Furia, Ecstatic, The Mongolz, Imperial, Pain Gaming, Lynn Vision, Amkal, Koi and Legacy.

PGL Copenhagen Major 2024 talent line-up

The full list is as follows:

  • Richard Lewis – desk host
  • Sjokz – desk host
  • James Banks – stage host including interviews and content
  • Pala – content
  • Pimp – analyst
  • Maniac – analyst
  • Bleh – analyst
  • Moses – analyst

Casters and observers:

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