UK FGC players EndingWalker and MazeBeans signed to esports orgs

EndingWalker UK FGC player for Mouz

Over the past week, a couple of talented UK fighting game community (FGC) players have been signed by esports organisations. Additional reporting by Aggresive Duck.

EndingWalker makes Mouz move official

First up, rising UK Street Fighter player EndingWalker has officially joined Mouz.

In doing so, he is partnering up with veteran UK SF player ProblemX.

“I’m very excited about the upcoming year working alongside Mouz and, even more so, my training partner and mentor, ProblemX.

“I think it’s going to be a big year for the FGC, and I am very much excited for what the future has to bring.”

Mouz said they were excited to have him on the team:

The news comes a few weeks after EndingWalker won the CPT 2023 World Warrior: UK-Ireland Regional Final, at London’s New Meta Gaming Arena, where he beat ProblemX in the final 3-0.

EndingWalker was previously representing the esports organisation M80.

It’s a little confusing, as he has already been playing in Mouz’ Street Fighter League Pro Europe team alongside fellow Brits ProblemX, MysticSmash and Broski. However, he has now officially joined the organisation fully.

EndingWalker has made a huge impact over the past year or so in the FGC with a string of impressive performances at tournaments including VSFighting, CPT, Ultimate Fighting Arena and more.

Last year, Mouz won SFL Pro Europe.

Ici Japon Corp sign Scottish Smash player MazeBeans

French esports organisation Ici Japon Corp have signed Scottish Smash Bros Ultimate player MazeBeans.

The player said: “Really happy to share that I’m joining Ici Japon! I am extremely grateful for this opportunity, gonna do my absolute best to improve and show what I’m capable of.”

MazeBeans (pictured right, below) is known for playing as Steve, the character that has been banned by a few tournament operators due to him having overly strong mechanics in a platform fighter. Steve was banned for Regen last year, which was the only big event in the UK and EU to ban the character.

However, while Steve is banned in a few tournaments, none are in MazeBeans’ region in Scotland.

In other Ici Japon UK news, the org recently signed UK League of Legends ADC player Deadly to their LFL Division 2 roster.

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