Caedrel to co-stream Worlds 2023 final from live arena, Riot also partners with YouTube Gaming for global co-streams & watch parties

Caedrel TheShy is Back Worlds Song with Ruddy Regan

Smoke the doubters – British League of Legends streamer Marc ‘Caedrel‘ LaMont will be co-streaming the Worlds 2023 final live from its venue.

The former LEC caster and Excel Esports player is one of the in-person co-streamers for the grand final, which will see South Korean powerhouse T1 face Chinese esports organisation Weibo Gaming.

He was streaming from the T1 offices and will now be at the live arena in-person for the grand final.

The final takes place this Sunday, November 19th 2023, from 2pm KST (8am GMT UK time) from the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, South Korea.

Caedrel added: “I wanted to take a minute to say thank you so much to T1 – saw people discussing me not being able to stream in their office during the finals and saying the wildest things, but I completely get it and I completely agree with the decision.

“It’s for my own safety and I would also feel really bad rooting against T1 for the finals in their office, so it’s better for both sides. They’ve looked after me for a month and have been so amazing in helping me every day from streaming to taking care of me as a person, I’m genuinely so grateful – it’s a tough finals to watch as a fan of League for so many years, and having watched and covered these players for so long. It’s weird to see two of your favourite teams play a Worlds finals.

“I wanted to say that whoever wins the finals this weekend I’ll be happy, very happy, but I will be rooting for TheShy and Weibo to take the title.”

Just before Worlds 2023 started, Caedrel teamed up with Ruddy Esports co-owner Regan for a rap music video about South Korean player Kang ‘TheShy’ Seung-lok, who plays for Weibo Gaming, titled ‘TheShy is back‘.

Caedrel’s streams have been very popular with the League esports community – his Worlds 2023 broadcasts have been racking up hundreds of thousands of views, with some breaking the 1m barrier. He currently has 590,000 followers on Twitch.

Caedrel joins other on-site co-streamers at the Worlds 2023 final including LS (NA), Baiano (Brazil), Ibai (also from EMEA with Caedrel), Kim Min Gyo and Lee Sang Ho (Korea), Doinb and Uzi (China) and K4sen, SHAKA and Obo (APAC/Japan).

YouTube Gaming to host global co-streams and watch parties for Worlds 2023 final

Worlds 2023 Viewing Party London - Trophy

Riot Games and YouTube Gaming also announced today a partnership that will bring fans around the globe digital and in-person viewing experiences for the Worlds 2023 final.

As an official League of Legends Esports partner for Worlds 2023, YouTube Gaming will bring additional co-streamers to the existing list of LoL Worlds 2023 remote co-streamers.

New co-streamers include:

  • Brazil: Flow Games (MD3) 
  • Korea: TesterHoon and friends, including Bang 
  • North America: Sykkuno 
  • Spain: Kerios, with special guest Holdem Hammers 

YouTube will also host viewing parties around the globe, including the following:

  • Seoul, South Korea – Gwanghwamun Square (G-Square)
  • Hanoi, Vietnam – Tay Ho Sports Complex / Cau Giay Sports Complex
  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – Rach Mieu Sports Complex

Riot remote co-streamers Hoàng Luân, SofM and Optimus will also be on-site in Ho Chi Minh City to conduct their Worlds 2023 final co-streams from inside the watch party.

Fans will see a Worlds 2023 takeover on the YouTube Gaming hub, with ‘with premiere placement of both fan and influencer-created content, including Worlds Original Series and watch party look-ins all accessible in one place’.

For those closer to home in the UK, of course, Esports News UK is running a Worlds 2023 final watch party at Platform Gaming Bar in Shoreditch, powered by Predator Gaming and the Predator Orion X. There are a handful of tickets left for this, at the time of writing.

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