ENDX.GG partners with PlayBay for inaugural Female Bay Cup 2023, the first offline women’s CS2 tournament

Female Bay Cup 2023

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UK-based fantasy esports trading game ENDX.GG and tournament platform PlayBay have partnered to present the Female Bay Cup 2023.

This is billed as the first women’s offline CS2 tournament, which will take place in Hamburg, Germany, from November 3rd to 5th.

This partnership signals ‘a formidable step toward elevating the already thriving female and non-binary (FE/NB) esports scene to unprecedented heights’, the pair said in a press release.

Female Bay Cup 2023: Ushering in a New Era

In a move that champions inclusivity and diversity, the Female Bay Cup 2023 is a Counter-Strike esports tournament dedicated to providing a platform to women and non-binary gamers, and casting a spotlight on talents in this space.

“ENDX.GG is immensely proud to be at the forefront of this event,” said John Pritchard, Head of Marketing and Partnerships of ENDX.GG. “The talent, dedication, and unyielding spirit found within the FE/NB esports community are both awe-inspiring and heartening.

“We want to be one of the companies that help give the abundance of talent in this scene the platform to showcase their ability. Our partnership with PlayBay for the Female Bay Cup 2023 is not merely a collaboration, but a commitment to foster and elevate the FE/NB scene to the peak of its potential.”

“For the tournament we were looking for partners who share the same value,” added Nico of PlayBay. “With that in mind, we are more than happy to announce our partnership with ENDX for the upcoming Female Bay Cup.

“The innovative possibility to buy and trade shares of your favourite CS players, allowing them to participate in a potential price increase will motivate hundreds of our community to participate at the Female Bay Fantasy League.”

The news comes a few days after Esports News UK also partnered with ENDX, a platform that lets esports fans trade shares in CS players. ENDX is currently offering limited-time match deposits of up to $100 – plus a free $10 bonus on ENDX for Esports News UK readers.

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