The UK esports coach and player who accidentally booked a certain kind of hotel when stranded in Amsterdam (interview with JLingz Esports’ coldjyn on his bizarre first LAN experience and the next ALGS Championship)

Stumbling across a darkened street, two figures trudge to the next hotel on the list. Phones? Dead. Hope? Lost. Hotel? Trivago. 

They’re meant to be heading to Sweden, but the perfect chaos of airlines in Amsterdam has created an unusual first encounter for a UK Apex Legends player and future coach.

After facing yet another refusal from a hotel in the early hours of the morning, accompanied by glances from staff who probably thought, “what the hell are these two scrawny dudes doing in the middle of the night looking for a hotel with nothing but €150”, they continue their odyssey. 

As one foot goes in front of another, the light around them fades to an ominous red glow, and another hotel materialises in the distance. Their last hope. 

The pair were thrown together, both travelling from the same country but yet to meet in person. For a first encounter, when coldjyn met SirDel, some would say it had been a little intense. No airport hotels, cash shoved in hand, and the pressure to find somewhere – anywhere – to sleep while praying for a flight the next day. 

Entering the final hotel, they are greeted with the words they have been longing to hear all night: “Yeah we take cash, we have a room, upstairs to the left”.

Exhausted, they fall through the door to an unexpected sight. 

Immediately, the completely see-through shower cubicle in the middle of the room seemed a little strange. The room is tiny as it is.

Then, the pieces start to fall into place. The strangely voyeuristic shower? Cabinets with pink and red bows delicately tied to each handle? Red glowing lights shining through from the street? 

Yes, it became clear. JLingz Esports UK Apex Legends coach coldjyn and Pioneers player SirDel were in a sex hotel. 

The pair discovered an uncomfortable truth. As the saying goes, anything can happen at LAN. However, anything can also happen on the way to LAN.

For the rest of the story, check out the video above.

So, in his pre-coaching days, coldjyn was forced into a unique and unexpected journey to reach Sweden’s Playoffs, accompanied by SirDel.

With this year’s ALGS Championship, hosted in Birmingham, coldjyn should have a more normal excursion – one that he is hoping for, given that he now shoulders the pressure of coaching participating UK team JLingz Esports.

JLingz Esports are ready for Birmingham’s ALGS Championship, with coach coldjyn stating he’s “never been more confident” in the team

JLingz were satisfied with their LAN performance in the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs (won by DarkZero), with the competition being their first LAN with their current squad. Naghz is the only remaining player from their Split 1 squad, which included Zaine (now Pioneers) and VJEIX (currently a free agent).

After releasing Zaine and VJEIX, JLingz picked up coldjyn as their coach and signed the duo of Jmw and Noiises from the recently released Invictus Gaming squad, making them an all-UK team.

The ALGS Split 2 Playoffs in London last month provided an opportunity for the team to demonstrate their capabilities ahead of the Championship – an opportunity that did not go to waste.

Despite exiting the Split 2 Playoffs with Vexed and others, JLingz enjoyed a spectacular three-win streak through the Bracket Stage, displaying their resilience and positive team dynamics.

Part One of Esports News UK’s interview with coldjyn revealed just how important team dynamics are to Jlingz, with a heartfelt comparison to Noiises and Jmw’s former teammate. Discussing the process of forming the team, coldjyn reminisces about Noiises telling him: “It’s like playing with Brynn”.

“Having Champs on the horizon is always going to feel intimidating. However, I have never felt more confident about the team’s ability, the team’s mindset, and my own abilities.”

coldjyn – JLingz Esports Apex Legends Coach

For those new to the Apex Legends esports scene, Brynn previously played on Invictus Gaming’s Apex roster with Jmw and Noiises. The three were known for their exceptional chemistry, and Brynn was a beloved player not only within the team but in the wider community.

Unfortunately, Brynn exited the Apex Legends competitive scene after the 2021-2022 season, citing personal issues. However, he left his mark on Apex Legends esports as one of the most loved and appreciated players in the game’s history.

With the news that the JLingz team has embodied the healthy and supportive dynamic held by one of the most famous Apex Legends trios, coldjyn is confident that the team will find success at the Championship: “Having Champs on the horizon is always going to feel intimidating. However, I have never felt more confident about the team’s ability, the team’s mindset, and my own abilities.”

The team will be back at Birmingham’s ALGS Championship this September fighting for their share of the $2 million prize pool.

For more insight into JLingz’s team dynamics, watch part one of our coldjyn interview below:

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