Can you get the CoD MW2 Burger King operator skin in the UK?

CoD Burger King Operator

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) is out and there’s an exclusive Burger King operator skin available in-game through a fast food promotion – but can you get it in the UK?

Select Burger King stores around the world are offering customers a MW2 Meal Mission, where they can order a Whopper & Nuggets on the menu, and get a scratch card.

Customers can scratch to reveal a code, which can be entered at online for them to receive the operator skin and an hour of double XP in-game. The operator skin features a ‘Burger Town’ T-shirt, and some online have said he looks a bit like streamer Dr Disrespect, who published a book last year.

Extra codes will allow customers to receive another hour of double XP, up to a maximum of 40 hours.

While the promotion is available in around 40 countries worldwide, like the Netherlands and Puerto Rico, but it’s not in the UK, or the US.

Burger King confirmed on Twitter that the CoD MW2 Burger King operator skin promotion is not available in the UK:

There’s another way to get the CoD Burger King operator skin in the UK

Codes from Burger King have been appearing on eBay, some of which are being advertised for anything from around £20 to £40.

From what we understand, these codes work on any version of the game, so UK CoD players can buy the code if they want, or ask someone in another country to try and get one for them.

While UK Burger King stores aren’t running the operator promotion, another fast food restaurant is running a CoD MW2 promotion in the UK.

Papa Johns have teamed up with Call of Duty Endowment to raise awareness for veteran employment in the UK and to celebrate the launch of MW2. Papa Johns customers can register online for the chance to win a PS5 console and a copy of MW2.

Plus, Papa Johns has a Call of Duty MW2 bundle, where customers can get a large pizza, classic or ghost chilli chicken side for £18.99 and get three in-game items: a weapon charm, emblem, calling card, plus double XP.

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