Which UK venues are hosting League of Legends Worlds final viewing parties this Saturday? We list the bars and cinemas showing the EDG vs DWG match

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Another year, another Worlds music video, another group and playoffs stage over, and another grand final approaches.

This time, for 2021, the two of the best League of Legends teams facing off are South Korea’s Damwon Gaming (DWG KIA) and China’s Edward Gaming (EDG).

The League of Legends World Championship 2021 grand final takes place this Saturday November 6th from 12pm midday GMT.

The match will as usual be streamed live from the official LoLEsports website and Riot Games Twitch channel, but for a more atmospheric in-person experience, venues across the UK are hosting viewing parties, so you can meet up with friends and other League of Legends fans to watch it together.

First up, Riot Games has teamed up with Piece of Magic to host Worlds final viewings at more than 70 cinemas in Europe. In the UK, the following cinemas will be showing the 2021 LoL Worlds final:

  • Showcase Cardiff
  • Vue Manchester Printworks
  • Vue Westfield White City (London)
  • Vue Westfield Stratford (London)
  • Vue Edinburgh Ocean
  • Vue Sheffield
  • Vue Portsmouth

You can book tickets and take a look at other cinemas showing the Worlds final at lolincinemas.com.

Elsewhere, Pixel Bar in Leeds (who we recently interviewed) will be showing the final:


Pixel Bar has also just announced it is opening a second venue on November 20th – this will open in Manchester.

Good Game Cafe in Cardiff is also showing the Worlds final this Saturday.

Meltdown London is also planning on hosting an event:

Wanyoo has previously said it’s showing all Worlds games in its UK cafes, and will be hosting a special event with UK esports organisation MNM Gaming and streamer Ehri, with exclusive merch available.

This will take place at the Charing Cross Wanyoo Esports Bar, which opened in early 2019.

The Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London won’t be hosting the Worlds finals as it will instead be hosting the second Red Bull Home Ground Valorant tournament.

Outside of the UK, esports bar service Cooldown is teaming up with Team Liquid for a live viewing party of the League of Legends Worlds 2021 finals in Belgium.

There are other esports and gaming bars in the UK, including Loading, Esports.je, Platform, Xtreme Gaming, Game Belong Arenas and more. We couldn’t see listings from them for the Worlds final, but will update this article with details if they are running any.

A few weeks ago, Fnatic hosted free Worlds 2021 viewing parties in London and Paris.

Do you know of any other venues hosting Worlds 2021 viewing parties? Please let us know on the Esports News UK Twitter page and we’ll update this article.

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