Former Great British Bake Off star designs 8th anniversary birthday cake for Final Fantasy 14

Kim Joy bake off ff14 birthday

Square Enix is celebrating the 8th anniversary of its popular MMO Final Fantasy XIV (14) Online with the creation of a birthday cake from former Great British Bake Off star Kim-Joy.

The Belgian-British culinarian supreme whisked up the design of the cake, which consists of numerous elements celebrating FF14 and the legacy of the game so far.

The three-tiered cake has lemon sponge at its core and is coated with buttercream, with decorations paying tribute to some familiar faces from the game, including Cactuars, Sabotenders and Gigantenders. These have been made into gingerbread cookies and decorated with royal icing, placed on a sandy desert backdrop made from biscuit.

It also features several Fat Chocobos made from tangzhong bread, sitting on a watercolour blue and white backdrop representing the sky.

Spriggans made from mochi and filled with a thick custard also adorn the cake, clutching their precious gems made from kohakutou-style jelly. And there’s a fondant-covered Moogle on top.

Alongside this, the Final Fantasy 14 celebrations continue in the realm of Eorzea as The Rising in-game event returns, running until September 9th 2021.

Players who take part will be able to journey to the Steps of Nald in the city of Ul’dah in order to help out Kipih Jakkya, who seems to be in some sort of trouble.

In-game rewards for participating in the event include a Red Moon Parasol and Nymeia Potpourri, a bundle of potpourri made from the petals of Nymeia lilies. Full details on The Rising 2021 in-game event can be found here.

FF14 now has more than 22m total registered players. The game enjoyed an uplift of players in recent months after popular WoW streamer Asmongold started playing the game and others shifted across in the wake of Activision Blizzard’s harassment scandal.

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