Two UK-based YouTubers destroy Soulja Boy on Twitter after artist’s rude response to damning reviews of his new TRDR handheld games console

soulja boy game reviewers twitter

American rapper Soulja Boy got roasted on Twitter yesterday evening after a pair of UK-based YouTubers stood up to him.

YouTubers SUNPI and NNESAGA (pictured) were two of the first UK-based YouTubers to review the device, and defended themselves on social media after the rapper verbally abused SUNPI and got involved in a debate with NNESAGA.

Soulja Boy responded to the reviews of his new handheld game console, the Soulja Boy Game, or TRDR Pocket, which is essentially an Android-powered app-based device priced at $299.99.

He claimed he didn’t send the device to UK-based YouTuber SUNPI, however she said it was sent to her by his marketing team: “Sure as hell didn’t buy it my dude – talk to your marketing team not me.”

NNESAGA added: “Soulja boy & his team sent us both his console before it was officially released. We have had it for 3 weeks & gave our honest thoughts.”

SUNPI has since published a follow-up video with proof of how she received the TRDR device ahead of its release.

She refuted claims that she bought it or was paid to do the review:

Others called Soulja Boy out over his rude comment towards SUNPI, including fellow UK-based reviewer NNESAGA.

“Next time, deliver quality products and mind your language towards women,” she said.

Esports host Frankie Ward also called out Soulja Boy over his rude response.

When Soulja Boy began hitting back at NNESAGA, she likened his game console to a Happy Meal toy:

The pair went back and forth until Soulja Boy ended up deleting his tweets towards NNESAGA.

In her review, SUNPI criticised the Soulja Boy handheld device for its small touch screen, which made it awkward for her to type text and play certain games like shooters, and also for its lack of games. NNESAGA also reported problems with the interface, getting the device to work properly, and complained of it shutting down by itself. However, both said the device had potential.

NNESAGA said after the Twitter beef: “It’s unfortunate that once again, toxic men in this space drive the engagement and bring us new followers for just simply existing and minding our own business.”

The company behind the TRDR Pocket is Trad3r. Its founder, Gianni O’Connor, told Insider that the situation had come down to a misunderstanding, and that Soulja Boy didn’t send the YouTubers the console.

Gianna claimed that Soulja Boy has an endorsement deal with Trad3r for the red version of the TRDR Pocket and the YouTubers received blue and yellow versions.

Soulja Boy had a hit single ‘Crank That’ back in 2007. He has released other game consoles in the past, and recently claimed he owns Atari, but the company published a statement saying he doesn’t.

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