UKLC player 2Cups kicked by NVision for racist abuse, UK CoD streamer Giiggzy called out in separate incident

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UK esports organisation NVision have booted out their League of legends mid-laner David ‘2Cups’ Delovski this evening after he was caught sending racist messages.

North Macedonian player 2Cups, who has recently been playing in the Summer 2021 UKLC with NVision, sent abhorrent messages to another player after what appears to be a solo queue game:

This prompted Magic, the mid-laner for Cycle Esports, to share the racist direct messages above. Cycle have participated in tournaments including the League of Legends Arabian Cup.

2Cups said in a now-deleted tweet: “Well I am truly sorry for what I said, but that’s what happens when someone adds you after a game and provokes you to get what he wants out of you.”

He later added in a Twitlonger: “I want to apologise to @Magic_EUW. My actions were inappropriate and hateful, I failed to show maturity and professionalism as a player. The things I said are not acceptable in any circumstance, no matter how provoked or aggravated I get in any given situation. I want to further apologise for my hateful attitude and how it must have made you feel as a human being, as well as the other members of the Arabic community and any other groups of people it could have offended.

“I will learn from my mistakes and become a better person and player, so when I find myself in such a situation or environment, I will handle it in a mature and professional way.”

NVision were quick to take action following the messages, removing 2Cups from the team and publishing a statement on Twitter:

NVision coach Leviathan added:

Esports News UK reached out to 2Cups to offer him a right of reply, but did not hear back at the time of publishing this news post.

The news prompted discussion on social media, and one player in particular, Xizz3l, who has previously played for Irish organisations Phelan and Nuclear Storm, was called out for his views on the matter.

Tonight has shown that esports and amateur League of Legends still has serious problems and has a long way to go for progress to be made on serious issues such as these.

“We have a zero tolerance policy towards this type of behaviour and the player’s contract will be terminated with immediate effect. This does not reflect the opinions of this organisation and we apologise for any harm this may have caused.”


Elsewhere on Twitter this evening, there was a racist incident shared of UK Call of Duty streamer Giiggzy.

This prompted the likes of London Royal Ravens Call of Duty streamer, player and content creator Liam ‘Jukeyz’ James to call out the behaviour. 

Looking at the performances of teams on the rift this season, the UKLC Summer 2021 season was won by MNM Gaming, with London Esports in second, NVision in third and Resolve Academy in fourth. They will now take part in the playoffs.

Lucent and Viperio have entered relegations after finishing in seventh and eighth place respectively.

Elsewhere in the UK League of Legends scene, LDN UTD, NOX, the org-less team formerly playing for NerdRage (who have been banned until 2023), Demise, X7 and Munster Rugby Gaming progressed to the UKEL playoffs.

And in the higher-tier NLC, Tricked, Singularity and BT Excel finished first, second and third respectively in Group A, while Fnatic Rising, Riddle and Nordavind topped Group B.

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