London Royal Ravens Call of Duty streamer Jukeyz becomes latest Red Bull athlete in the UK


UK Call of Duty streamer, player and content creator Liam ‘Jukeyz’ James has joined the likes of Trent Alexander-Arnold, Ben Stokes and Ryan Pessoa as an official Red Bull athlete in the UK.

Jukeyz was surprised with an epic Call of Duty lootbox on stream yesterday, which was filled with merch, including a special Red Bull cap worn only by sponsored athletes around the globe.

Jukeyz has been building a following for himself since he began uploading Call of Duty: Warzone content to Twitch and YouTube at the start of 2020, and has since amassed over 186,000 followers across his social channels.

During lockdown, Jukeyz also gained fans in the English cricket team and fellow Red Bull athlete Ben Stokes, who have been watching his streams in isolation in India as they prepared for the Test Series.

The Call of Duty pro from Liverpool also represents London Royal Ravens, having joined the team in June 2020 as a content creator. (Update: As of 2023 Jukeyz has left the London Royal Ravens along with others).

Jukeyz took home a number of Warzone trophies last year, securing first place in the Syndicate Sundays 2020 Grand Final, Warzone Royal Ruckus 2020 and Trymacs Duos Invitational: Warzone Tournament.

Several top players and teams compete under Red Bull’s banner, including G2, OG and T1, as well as well-known streamers including Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins.

Alongside gaming personalities, Red Bull is best known for partnering with stars from the traditional sports world. Jukeyz joins the likes of global athletes including Liverpool footballer Trent Alexander-Arnold, F1 driver Max Verstappen and skateboarding champion Leticia Bufoni.

Jukeyz is the second official Red Bull UK gaming athlete, following Red Bull’s signing of Ryan Pessoa, pro FIFA player for Manchester City in 2018.

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