Method ‘striving to be at the forefront of the leaderboards’ as guilds prepare for Sanctum of Domination WoW Race to World First

sylvanas sanctum of domination

The latest World of Warcraft Race to World First (RWF) is about to kick off, with guilds around the world preparing for the Sanctum of Domination Shadowlands raid.

This will see teams attempt to take down Sylvanas herself (pictured) once the Mythic raid opens on July 13th 2021.

UK-based organisation Method, who finished seventh in the most recent Castle Nathria Mythic raid, say they are “extremely excited to show everyone how hard we’ve been working to build the best raid roster possible”.

“Sanctum of Domination isn’t just a new patch but an act of competition, conviction and passion,” Method said on their website. “That’s why we’re striving to be at the forefront of the leaderboards and work towards the best possible outcome.”

To help them do this, they’ve expanded their raid roster to include veteran players like Kuriisu, Cayna, DrJay, Sjeletyven and Viklund, while appointing a new set of trialists such as Heregellas, Jaerv, Jakepls and more. 

Also on the UK org front, let’s not forget MNM Gaming, who finished 15th in the Castle Nathria Race to World First. Esports News UK reached out to MNM to see if they’re participating again this time around – and they confirmed they are.

Kalvin Chung aka Kal, co-founder of MNM, said: “Although it has been quite a rush preparing for this World First, we’re confident to keep improving our standings and push for top 10.”

Elsewhere, other EU hopefuls include Echo, Pieces and FatSharkYes, who finished second, third and fourth respectively at the Castle Nathria raid.

“We are extremely excited to show everyone how hard we’ve been working to build the best raid roster possible. We’re striving to be at the forefront of the leaderboards and work towards the best possible outcome.”


Echo were formed last year by ex-Method players, after Method almost imploded (but later rebuilt) over a scandal. Echo have announced casters for their event including Fatboss Alex, AthalusWCR, MrGM, Naguura, Grant, Steakloins and Kexman.

Of course, current back-to-back Race to World First champions, Complexity-Limit, said their event will feature a ‘major production overhaul, with new, engaging content segments’.

Targeting more casual audiences, ‘Eggs Over Azeroth,’ a first-of-its-kind daily morning show hosted by top WoW influencer Lulaboo Jenkins, will preview the day’s upcoming raid. Livestreamed from Complexity’s headquarters each morning, fans can expect race highlights, influencer interviews, and deep dives into WoW history and lore.

Then, each evening, a rotating cast of WoW analysts, including Jet, Veyloris, Kalamazi, Dratnos and more will recap the day’s happenings and Complexity-Limit’s raid progress for fans during ‘RWF After Dark.’ Additionally, DouYu, one of China’s leading streaming platforms, will produce its own Complexity-Limit RWF broadcast exclusively for its viewers in the Chinese region.

Adhering to local and state COVID-19 protocols in the US, 18 Complexity-Limit guild members will come together to compete at Complexity’s headquarters, the GameStop Performance Center.

“Thanks to Complexity’s continued support, we’ve seen drastic improvements across both our performance and our production, which has led us to back-to-back Race to World First victories,” said Alex ‘Xyronic’ Tatge, Complexity-Limit guild member. “As we begin preparing to enter the Maw, we’re confident we have what it takes to overcome adversities and three-peat.”

The Mythic Sanctum of Domination Shadowlands Race to World First kicks off on July 13th 2021.

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