Team RossBoomsocks announced for Twitch Rivals Summer Rumble: Top streaming talent from the UK and beyond to compete in LoL, TFT and Valorant

team rossboomsocks twitch rivals

UPDATE (June 25th): Team RossBoomsocks finished eighth.


Original article: Scottish League of Legends content creator RossBoomsocks may be the king of mucking about in the game, but he also knows how to gather a mean crew.

The UK, IE and Nordics League of Legends Twitter account has announced Team RossBoomsocks will be taking part in the Twitch Rivals Summer Rumble this month.

The tournament will feature 140 challengers from 10 countries, $150,000 in prize money and three Riot Games titles.

There will be three RossBoomsocks teams – one in League of Legends, one in Teamfight Tactics (TFT) and one in Valorant.

The teams feature a host of UK streaming talent, including Bizzleberry, Vicksy and more in the League of Legends team, as well as Lallana and Ross’ partner Maizy Marzipan in TFT, not to mention the likes of Onscreen, Dreo and more in the Valorant side.

You can see the full line-up in the announcement tweet below:

RossBoomsocks said: “My first ever Twitch Rivals, and in a hilarious twist of fate – I am in fact not actually playing. I will instead be managing these players to their upmost limits. Captaining this ragtag group of mercenaries through the shaky waters of solo bolos, bucky oneshots and not hitting.”

Excel Esports superfan turned content creator, iTzSTU4RT, will also be playing TFT. He also plays Wild Rift in the ongoing ESL UK & Ireland Premiership.

“My first Twitch Rivals!” he said on Twitter. “Even though it’s not Wild Rift I’m still super excited to get back into TFT and smurf on the rest of Europe with some amazing content creators.”

The Twitch Rivals Summer Rumble takes place from Tuesday June 22nd to Thursday June 24th 2021 on the official channel.

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