Caedrel and LS drama: What happened between the League of Legends analysts?

caedrel LS drama

Former UK League of Legends player turned caster Marc ‘Caedrel’ Lamont (left) and US coach, streamer and analyst Nick ‘LS’ De Cesare (right) have been involved in some drama.

LS, also known as LastShadow, has been critical League of Legends champion Renekton in the past, arguing that he’s not a great pick in professional matches.

Last weekend, Caedrel, who usually casts the European LEC, was casting in the North American LCS instead.

On March 13th, he questioned LS’ views on Renekton and asked him to go into more detail around it.

caedrel on renekton

When Caedrel was asked on stream about this, he replied: “I’m not belittling LS or attacking him at all, but I feel like he makes so many controversial claims, that 99% of them are wrong but one of them is right, and he overhypes the fact he’s right.

“For example, the Moonstaff combo, yes I credit him for spotting that, great, but he’s said a lot of crazy other things that make no sense like Protobelt Nidalee, Kai’sa’s useless, Gnar’s shit, Renekton’s trash, Lee Sin was broken when FPX won Worlds but Lee Sin is a trash champ [according to LS].

“I like LS, he’s a nice guy and a really good entertainer. And he makes really good content. But a lot of his takes are too controversial to make any sense.”

When asked about the situation on LS’ stream, LS said: “I think his tweet is ridiculous in a lot of ways. You can’t respond in a tweet or in a clip, if you don’t respond you get flamed, it ends up spawning tons of Reddit threads.

“I think there are tons of problems with the assertions made in it, which I think are really bad. There’s a lot of things going on and there’s a question that doesn’t have an easily identifiable or discernable answer.”

LS went on to talk about Renekton winrates in detail, as well as how stats by themselves ‘don’t mean anything’, how people understand the numbers, and how Renekton can help a decent team beat a team who aren’t as good, but that it’s not a great pick in the long run.

Overall LS didn’t seem interested in breaking into a debate around it.

Caedrel responded saying he underestimated the reach his voice now has, that his views came across too aggressively and how he will use this as a learning experience.

caedrel on LS drama 2

Nemesis also defended LS.

Both Caedrel and LS are great LoL analysts – and honestly it’s pretty refreshing to see this kind of dialogue and debate happen between two LoL broadcasters.

We’re not always going to agree with one another’s views, but it can be healthy to question the views of others or to at least try and see their point of view.

Caedrel has since spoken about the situation again, as of August 2021:

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