Resolve beat London Esports 3-2 to win UKLC Spring 2021 League of Legends finals, both teams progress to Telia Masters


Resolve defeated London Esports in a extremely tense best-of-five UKLC League of Legends final this evening.

London picked up a surprise win in game one, ending Resolve’s incredible 16-game win streak. This saw them go 14-0 in the Spring 2021 season and beat MNM 2-0 in the first playoffs game on the weekend.

Resolve came back to secure two games in a row, but London showed amazing spirit in game four to take the series to a full five games.

Den Voksne played his heart out as London’s ADC, especially as Vayne in game four to be the difference in some late-game teamfights.

In game five, Resolve got the first two kills, but London came back into it to take a slight lead. It culminated in some tense mid and late-game teamfights, which Resolve managed to win, due in part to some amazing hooks from FastLegged’s Thresh.

And so, Resolve ended up beating London and taking the UKLC crown.

While Resolve won the series, London showed they will certainly not be easy for other teams to face in the Telia Masters. They previously beat Enclave 2-1 in the other playoffs semi-final last weekend.

Both Resolve and London Esports now of course progress to the Telia Masters.

The UKLC is around the mid-tier of UK League of Legends esports. There’s the grassroots and university level, then the UKEL, UKLC, Telia Masters and NLC.

In-between the UKLC and NLC, there’s of course the Telia Masters, which features the best teams from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and the UK.

Resolve and London will now go up against the likes of Absolved, Galaxy Racer, Bifrost, Hybrid Esports, Excess Success and more in the Spring 2021 Telia Masters.

Meanwhile, Bulldog and Demise enter the UKLC relegations.

UK League of Legends can certainly be proud today – both teams were excellent and made a top showing of themselves this split, both on and off the rift.

Find out more about Resolve in our recent interview with Resolve founder Rai, and our interview with London Esports CEO Alfie Wright here.

You can also check out the thoughts of UKLC casters Jamada and Hiprain in our recent UKLC Spring 2021 playoffs preview.

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