Rix.GG sign Redemption Rocket League roster ahead of RLCS Winter EU Major

rix redemption rocket league

UK esports organisation Rix.GG have signed the entire Redemption roster as they begin a new chapter in Rocket League.

The new Rix.GG Rocket League roster is a powerhouse primarily out of the Netherlands and consists of team founders Mike ‘Mikeboy’ Verkuijlen and Kurtis ‘Kash’ Cannon (the sole UK player) along with Maarten ‘Oscillon’ Van Zee and coach Kwok-Po ‘Lyaneii’ Chu.

This roster beat fellow UK esports organisation Endpoint in a tiebreaker qualification and will represent Rix.GG at the upcoming Winter RLCS EU Major.

Endpoint also qualified through a last chance match – you can see all the teams and talent that have qualified for the RLCS EU Winter Major, including those from the UK, here.

Jamie Lewis, founder and CEO of Rix.GG, said: “I am incredibly excited to welcome such a talented team to the Rix.GG roster. We have lofty ambitions at Rix.GG and I can’t wait to see where we can go with one of the best Rocket League teams in Europe.”

Ibrahim Taylor, Rocket League manager, added: “With the departure of the last roster, a large void was left here at Rix.GG. I feel that we have filled this with one of the best teams in Europe and hopefully with our support, the world.

“We are very excited to work with these talented players and show everyone what they are capable of.”

Caster Adam ‘Craftman’ Stewart spoke to Esports News UK before the Fall Major and mentioned ‘the UK and Ireland will have talent for years to come’ in Rocket league.

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