UK esports orgs Guild, Endpoint and others qualify for RLCS X Winter European Major


The UK’s Guild Esports, Endpoint and more will be among the teams playing in Rocket League’s second Major in Europe.

They qualified through a tie-breaker tournament held on January 29th and now progress to the EU RLCS X Winter Major, which kicks off on February 20th and features a prize pool of $100,000.

12 teams will be participating in the major, with 11 teams invited based on points gained from the three Winter Regional events – and one qualifying from The Grid.

Another UK side, Top Blokes, will be taking part, as will the likes of Redemption, Galaxy Racer, Dignitas and Singularity, all of which have top UK players.

Team Singularity qualified as the Grid Wildcard, as the highest ranked team in terms of points. They won the Grid in Week 2, but fell outside of the qualification zone in terms of regional points.

Four teams battled for the last three spots – Guild, Endpoint, Denied and Redemption – who were all tied at 270 points.

Guild and Redemption qualified after winning their series’ 4-2 and 4-3 respectively.

Endpoint and Denied duked it out in the Last Chance Match in which Endpoint came out victorious 4-2.

The Winter Major has four less teams, compared to 16 featured in the Fall Major last October.

But it’s the UK and Ireland that are still leading the way in terms of talent.

If substitutes and coaches are included, according to Liquipedia there will be 19 from the UK and Ireland overall, not including casters:

  • FlamE, archie, tehda and RamS (Top Blokes)
  • ApparentlyJack (Dignitas)
  • eekso and coach AndytheMandy (Galaxy Racer)
  • noly, Deevo and coach Gregan (Guild)
  • Kash and womped (Redemption)
  • RelatingWave, virtuoso and coach Eclipse (Endpoint)
  • hibbs, Breezi, Scrub Killa and coach Markydooda (Team Singularity)

Caster Adam ‘Craftman’ Stewart spoke to Esports News UK before the Fall Major and mentioned ‘the UK and Ireland will have talent for years to come’ in Rocket league.

The EU Winter split has been a long ride of ups-and-downs for all the teams involved. Rocket League giants Team BDS and Team Vitality had their moments of struggles too.

But the defending Fall Major champions Team BDS has regained their form recently, while Vitality are slowly catching up.

UK team Top Blokes won Week 1 of the Grid and the Regional Event 2, while teams with UK talents such as Team Singularity and Dignitas have won Week 2 and Week 3 of The Grid respectively.

Others like Endpoint, Guild, Galaxy Racer and Redemption had strong placements in some of these competitions as well.

Rocket League also announced recently that Ford will be the presenting sponsor for the Winter Majors, starting with Oceania’s Winter Major on February 5th.

There’s more info on formats, upcoming shows and other news on the Rocket League esports website.

The full list of streams have yet to be announced, but viewers will be able to catch the action on the Rocket League Twitch channel.
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