Watch: UK League of Legends Talk Show Hosted By MNM Gaming NLC Team Manager Officernaughty

Last week, MNM Gaming NLC team manager Alex ‘Officernaughty’ Bowley hosted a UK League of Legends talk show live on Twitch.

The stream explored the current state of UK League of Legends esports, including the tiered system featuring the UKEL, UKLC and NLC, as well as student esports, promotion of esports in this region, the topic of UK talent and lots more.

Officernaughty’s UK Talk featured three panellists: Coach turned player agent Josh ‘Furndog’ Furneaux, Undead Gaming head coach Louis ‘Sméagol’ Green and Esports News UK editor Dom Sacco.

Furndog recently joined global sports management agency Stellar Esports, and has an extensive track record in esports, having coached at the likes of Excel Esports, London Esports and many more. Smeagol also has plenty of experience in coaching, and was working with Riddle in the NLC last year.

What can we be doing as a scene to better grow and promote UK League of Legends esports? What are the UK’s strengths and weaknesses, and how can we attract more high-level players to the space?

These are some of the questions and topics discussed, plus there were questions from the live Twitch chat to keep things fresh.

You can watch back the entire discussion show on Officernaughty’s Twitch channel and via the YouTube vod below, which Alex kindly gave us permission to host on the Esports News UK YouTube channel.

We hope to be supporting talk shows on UK esports more throughout the year here at Esports News UK.

Follow Officernaughty on Twitter for more UK Talk shows in the future

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Morgan Tennant
9 months ago

This article is pog