Gross Gore returns to League of Legends, goes 1/11/5 in his first game back

gross gore returns to lol 2021

British streamer Ali ‘Gross Gore’ Larsen has returned to League of Legends after quitting the game just over a year ago.

But it wasn’t plain sailing for the streamer, as he found himself losing 1/11/5 in his first game on stream, playing as his signature champion Twisted Fate.

The second game wasn’t any better, as Grossie went 3/10/7, but his viewers seemed to find it all very entertaining.

He did managed to get carried and win games three and four at least, with scorelines of 1/6/6 and 5/9/1 respectively.

To be fair to Ali, the game has changed massively since he dropped it for IRL and cookery streams.

The item overhaul came into effect a couple of months ago, which changed many champions’ build paths, and players can expect the meta to shift as Season 11 gets underway in a matter of days.

The stream was pretty chill for Ali’s standards, and it’s clear his 2020 cookery broadcasts have moved him away from those angry, energetic League of Legends streams he became known for.

Gross Gore said: “I’m back to League of Legends for 2021. The reason being is I want to be good at something this year. The past half a year I’ve just been cooking and getting roasted on stream and I’m just feeling a bit empty.

“So I’m back playing Twisted Fate on Twitch today. And I want to go on the NA servers this year.”

Ali also said the harassment towards him has slowly stopped since the recent Twitch ToS changes.

Back in late 2019, Ali said he wanted to move away from the Gross Gore name and swap gaming streams for reality TV content, but after doing cookery streams in 2020, he’s back playing League again.

A few months back, Gross Gore said he will be the biggest League of Legends streamer on the NA servers once he saves up and buys a new house, and will “destroy Tyler1”.

He made need to enlist a coach before getting to that point, but we’re sure the journey along the way will be entertaining.

Gross Gore also has a new Discord server, with around 2,500 joining it.

He also shared his plans for 2021 in a YouTube video:

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