Guild Esports disqualified from Valorant First Strike Europe over bug exploit

valorant closed beta

The London-based esports organisation backed by David Beckham – Guild Esports – have exited a Valorant First Strike Europe qualifier in controversial circumstances.

They were due to play against Ninjas in Pyjamas in the First Strike Europe Playoffs today, but picked up a map loss vs G2 due to a bug exploit.

This meant that G2 took their place and will now play NiP instead.

British host James Banks explained the situation on stream here, and content creator and caster RyanCentral posted the below on Twitter:

The ‘illegal boost’ saw Sage place a wall on top of a Killjoy turret to get a boost in height.

The rules state that ‘intentionally using any in-game bug to seek an advantage is exploiting and is prohibited’.

G2 Valorant player Davidp also quoted the following block of text from Riot’s rules:

You can see statements from Guild and Riot below:

G2 have already posted a meme about the situation, comparing Guild’s action to a similar Overpass boost exploit made by Fnatic in CSGO back in 2014.

Riot has confirmed that Guild will take part in next week’s qualifiers, so Guild will have another shot at qualifying.

Guild Esports moved into Valorant after signing Swedish team Bonk last month, saying that they would ‘coach and support them to become world champions’, and will naturally be disappointed on being knocked out in this way.

The UK has a mix of Valorant talent, including the likes of Team Liquid and SUMN FC, both of whom have made it through the First Strike Europe Playoffs to qualify for the Main Event. This takes place from December 3rd to 6th.

There’s also, who were formed back in the summer and feature a mix of UK players.

SUMN FC won epic.LAN 31 last month.

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