SUMN FC: New Valorant team forms featuring UK players Boaster, Mistic and Moe

sumn fc valorant team uk pl

A new EU Valorant team has formed consisting of up and coming talent, including players from the UK.

SUMN FC (pronounced ‘Summon FC’) hope to make a name for themselves in the competitive Valorant space. While they’re not an org as such, they will be taking part in several tournaments as a team.

Their roster is as follows:

  • Jake ‘Boaster’ Howlett (25, UK)
  • James ‘Mistic’ (18, UK)
  • Moe (19, UK)
  • Domagoj ‘Doma’ Fancev (17, Croatia)
  • Denis ‘Dinkzj’ Tkachev (23, Russia)
  • Jake ‘Mini’ (coach, UK)


sumn fc uk players

Left to right: SUMN FC’s UK players Mistic, Boaster and Moe

Boaster was previously with UK org Excel Esports, where he worked as a vlogger and came up with Excel’s ‘la la la’ chant.

He was also a sub for the League of Legends team and, before that, played CSGO competitively.

Boaster posted the following SUMN FC announcement video on Twitter:

SUMN FC’s players have taken part in several Valorant competitions, with Dinkzj having picked up several wins with his former team, Party Parrots.

They will be participating in several tournaments including the Lava Series and Nicecactus Valorant Series.

SUMN FC also made it to the semi-finals of qualifier 2 in the Allied Esports Odyssey tournament last weekend, which is part of Riot Games’ officially sanctioned Valorant Ignition Series.

SUMN FC are the latest Valorant team featuring UK talent. Earlier this month, Team Liquid signed Fish123’s UK Valorant players and ScreaM.

There are other UK players and streamers getting involved with the game, as well as UK community tournaments from the likes of Belong, NSE and the NUEL.

Riot’s tactical 5v5 shooter Valorant launched in early June following months of hype and beta keys handed out to viewers watching streams of the game on Twitch.

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