epic31 winners roundup: UK team SUMN FC win Logitech G Valorant tournament, UMX crowned CSGO champions & more

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The latest iteration of epic.LAN has concluded, and as usual it featured a mix of esports and community tournaments.

epic31 took place online, given the situation around COVID-19, and has become known as epic.WAN.

It was also the first time epic.LAN had included a Valorant competition, with Logitech G UK on board as sponsor to help ramp up the prize pool.

UK side SUMN FC, led by former CSGO player and Excel Esports content producer Jake ‘Boaster’ Howlett, were victorious in said tournament. They beat Oxygen Esports 3-0 in the grand final to take home £1,875.

Boaster had this to say after the win:

SUMN FC were formed in August and are currently fourth in the European rankings on vlr.gg, ahead of Team Liquid, who also have a UK roster.

They have now added Kostas ‘tsack’ Theodoropoulos to their roster as they prepare for Valorant’s upcoming First Strike tournament.

epic31 also saw UMX win the CSGO tournament. They beat Stream Team in the final, which was especially significant given the fact that Stream Team had two of Cloud9’s new UK players on their team: ALEX and mezii.

Elsewhere, Team 86 won the Rainbow Six Siege tournament, with London Esports named as runners-up. And in StarCraft II, Azure emerged victorious.

As usual, epic.LAN also held a range of community tournaments, this time in games including Fall Guys, PUBG, TFT and more.

You can see the full list of epic31 winners and runners up on the epic.LAN website, and watch back VoDs on the various epic.LAN Twitch channels including 1, 2 and 3

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