MNM Gaming team up with World of Warcraft raiding guild PMA, announce separate stream team the Marshmallows

mnm gaming warcraft pma

UK esports organisation MNM Gaming have entered the competitive World of Warcraft scene.

They’ve teamed up with the raiding guild known as PMA, which first formed in March 2018 featuring players from the UK and Europe.

PMA have progressed through Battle for Azeroth and recently hit world rank of 15 in Mythic Ny’Alotha, as reported on the MNM Gaming website.

MNM founder Kalvin ‘KalKal’ Chung told Esports News UK: “The UK has always been the place of talent in esports and PMA have been a guild that have pushed the limits each tier – and even achieved top 10.

“I worked on a lot of the content, logos and assets for the previous Road to World First events and seeing the passion behind the community really caught my attention.

“I knew at that moment it was something I wanted to be part of and PMA seem like a match made in heaven, with many members being from the UK. We share the same vision of growth and sustainability for both MNM and WoW.”

Guild officers said in a statement: “PMA has come a long way since its inception and we can’t wait to take the next steps on our journey alongside MNM. Raiding as an esport keeps on growing and we’re beyond excited to be a part of it.”

In separate news, MNM have also just announced a trio of British streamers – the Marshmallows. They are Jess ‘Ehri’ Powell, Matthew ‘Mattheos’ Woods and Matt ‘InT_Maverick’ Bland.

KalKal added: “The Marshmallows is a step into content I’ve always wanted to create. Comic strips, adventures, stories are yet to be explored all while creating a stronger brand between our content creators and MNM. Stage 1 is just the beginning.”

World of Warcraft has enjoyed a rise viewership online in recent years, with road to world first events and WoW Classic’s launch pulling in millions of viewers.

It’s not all been positive news however. One of the world’s biggest and most decorated WoW guilds, UK-based Method, imploded earlier this year in wake of an abuse scandal, leaving the door open for other guilds to rise up.

Diabolus is another UK-based organisation that is involved in WoW esports, and others like Excel have dabbled in the space too.

The next WoW expansion, Shadowlands, launches on October 27th 2020.

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