David Beckham’s new org Guild Esports sign top UK Rocket League talent including Scrub Killa, hope to become world champions

guild esports david beckham

Guild Esports, the new org headquartered in London and co-owned by David Beckham, has today announced the launch of its professional Rocket League team.

The side will compete in the upcoming year-long Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) with the ambition of becoming world champions.

Guild’s Rocket League Team was formed following a rigorous selection process and is currently comprised of three players and a coach:

  • Joseph ‘Noly’ Kidd, 18 (England)
  • Kyle ‘Scrub Killa’ Robertson, 17 (Scotland)
  • Thomas ‘ThO’ Binkhorst, 18 (Netherlands)
  • Coach: Mike ‘Gregan’ Ellis, 24 (England)

The team was scouted by and will be coached by Gregan, who has an accomplished track record of taking his players to success, including to world championship titles.

Scrub Killa, 17, from Scotland is one of the most well-known European players in Rocket League Esports and has been beating professional players since he was 12. He turned professional at 15. He was the youngest world champion winning RLCS S7 and RLCS S7 EU and was a runner up at RLCS S8 and RLCS S8 EU.

Noly, 18, from Liverpool, is an up-and-coming top player who is known for his flashy goals and stylish plays. ThO, 18, from the Netherlands, is another gifted player who is celebrated for his speed and incredible agility in game. ThO and Noly won The European Invitational this March and were promoted to the RLCS in Season 8.

Gregan, 24, from England, previously coached Scrub Killa and Team Vitality to the RLCS Season 7 Championship and is known for being a coach that focuses on the health and wellbeing of his players. Team Vitality won the largest amount of Rocket League prize money in 2019.

Under the guidance of David Beckham and Guild, the Rocket League Team plans to raise the bar for excellence in esports by incorporating best practice from academy systems in traditional sports.

This will be achieved by focusing on the complete player, including their health and mindset, on top of the in-game training and establishing a path-to-pro with its future academy team. 

“Our aim is to become world champions in the first year-long RLCS season. We will continue to develop as a team and hone our skills with the support of David Beckham and Guild.”

Mike ‘Gregan’ Ellis, Guild Esports

Mike ‘Gregan’ Ellis, Head Coach of Guild’s Rocket League Team, said: “Our first month of coaching has been exhilarating and produced excellent results. The coming RLCS X spans one year during which time we will continue to develop as a team and hone our skills with the support of David Beckham and Guild.

“Our aim is to become World Champions in the first year-long RLCS season. We know we need to do more to get to the top by training correctly and finding the small edges through holistic approaches which will make us stand out from the rest.”

Carleton Curtis, Executive Chairman, said: “We are pleased to welcome coach Mike ‘Gregan’ Ellis and our new esports athletes to the Guild family. Given the extensive knowledge that Mike possesses regarding the Rocket League scene, combined with his understanding of Guild’s strategy to grow young talent via our path-to-pro system, this signing makes perfect sense.

“Guild is committed to the long-term success of this team and we intend to meet our competition by nurturing our athletes, who have already demonstrated top-calibre performances, in an academy setting. They are world-class players and we have been impressed with their work ethic and accomplishments to date.

“Guild has already established strong management and our newly established Rocket League team builds upon that foundation. Rocket League is a dynamic esport that is praised for its ingenuity and Guild looks forward to winning at the highest levels, engaging with its fanbase and winning new support.”

Guild Esports was first announced last month.

There’s more info over at www.guildesports.com

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