Red Reserve’s new management announces mobile teams in CoD and PUBG, wants to ‘rebuild trust’ in the community

red reserve

It’s been a busy week for esports organisation Red Reserve, who are now operating under new management.

Earlier this week they announced they had signed a PUBG mobile team from North America, and today they’ve revealed a new Call of Duty mobile team.

The CoD team features players with a mix of nationalities, including North America and the UK (Miney).

The full CoD team roster is as follows:

The PUBG players include:

The news comes after Red Reserve relaunched under new management last month. In 2019, Red Reserve’s future was cast into doubt and they were accused of not paying players. But now they’re back with a new team and are hoping to regain the trust of the esports community.

On the PUBG team, Jacob Street, co-owner at Red Reserve, commented: “We are really delighted to welcome our latest line up from NA.  This team has performed so well in the last PMCO and we are excited to help this team develop and take the next steps.

“There are a lot of interesting things happening in Red Reserve and we will be announcing new teams in new games, shortly.”

“We are going out of our way to rebuild Red Reserve in the correct way, and to rebuild trust within the esports community.”

Jacob Street, Red Reserve

On the Cod Mobile team, Kim Alden, CEO of Red Reserve, said: “This is our first step back into the Call Of Duty world and we couldn’t have gained a better team than this. They previously went under the name Status Quo and are one of the top teams in the COD:M NA Pro League.”

The captain of the CoD Mobile team, Image, added: “Our team was founded in November 2019. The founders — Image, Miney, Beamed and Adaptx — originally formed the team to play competitive Call of Duty: Mobile to avoid hackers that ruined the ranked matches during that time.

“As the team progressed and grew in the competitive scene, we managed to attract talented players to progress even further. The addition of Clout, Aerith, and Leon has made our team more efficient in terms of our daily practices and tournament performances. At this time we are currently Position 3 for the CPL in North America with our sights set on attaining Position 1. We will undoubtedly strive for greatness as we begin our journey with Red Reserve.”

The Red Reserve website states their headquarters are located in Dublin, Ireland.

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