Red Reserve accused of not paying CoD players, team reportedly told to leave gaming house

red reserve fort worth

Esports organisation Red Reserve have allegedly kicked their UK Call of Duty roster out of their team house in Las Vegas.
It has been known since early 2019 that the future of Red Reserve was in doubt. There were various rumours of the Call of Duty team being dropped and several members of staff parted ways with the org. Now players are reporting they’ve been kicked out of the gaming house and are owed money.
The financial stability of the organisation has been frequently questioned and recent events may have provided some shocking answers.
Red Reserve Call of Duty player, Zer0, has recently spoken out on the matter and it is not looking good for the UK squad. He states that they have been “told by the Red owner to leave the house” that they were staying in for financial reasons.

In addition to the housing issue, another member of the CoD roster, Rated, has revealed that himself and his teammates haven’t received two months worth of salary and they are still owed “40k prize money each”.

The year isn’t going quite to plan for the UK Call of Duty roster as they have also been suffering from internal issues. Recent conflicts in the team have been reflected in lacklustre performances and Twitter rows between teammates.
With a strong finish to the 2017/18 season, Red were expected to be top contenders this year. A top 6 placing at CWL Fort Worth and a 5W-6L record in the CWL Pro League were not what the boys hoped for. This placed increased doubt on the fate of the roster.
Amongst all of the drama, the players are unsure of their future as we look towards CWL London on May 3rd-5th.
The CWL roster movement period began yesterday (April 4th) and is live until April 22nd, so we should expect to see big changes within the squad. With rumours of Faze Clan attempting to buy their spot, Red Reserve’s place in Call of Duty esports remains in doubt.
Esports News UK has contacted Red Reserve management for comment, we will update this article if we hear back.

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