Future of Red Reserve in doubt as players leave

red reserve being sold call of duty

The future of esports organisation Red Reserve, home to one of the top UK Call of Duty rosters, has been placed into doubt.
After several high profile staff members and players revealed that they were leaving the org, many are speculating that the owners of the brand are looking to depart from esports in order to explore other industries.
One of the UK’s top Call of Duty talents, Rhys ‘Rated’ Price, expressed his concern with Red Reserve, claiming that he and his fellow teammates had been “done dirty”:

Some are saying Red Reserve cannot continue due to lack of funds.
With uncertain times looming, it is likely that the likes of Rated & co will be competing under an entirely new organisation in the very near future.
The first signs of problems came when Red dropped their recently acquired Rocket League team, which had just qualified for the upcoming RLCS season.
The next domino to fall was from within their CSGO team. Swedish player Joakim ‘disco doplan’ Gidetun announced that he had terminated his contract with the organisation after they had allegedly breached it.

Red Reserve also had players in Hearthstone and FIFA, as well as content creators.
As one of the best Call of Duty teams in the world, Rated and his teammates will be searching for a new organisation, with rumours circulating that they may join North American organisation Ghost Gaming.

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2 years ago

I watched the game by this team, I hope everything will be fine