Gross Gore pulls out of KSI fight

gross gore ksi fight cancelled

It looks like a potential fight or spar between British YouTuber KSI and streamer Ali ‘Gross Gore’ Larsen is off.

Three months ago, Gross Gore urged Logan Paul to beat KSI in a boxing match. This prompted KSI to say to Gross Gore: “Let’s spar and see if you can knock me out then…”

Gross Gore accepted the challenge, saying: “Come on then bruv. Your fight was so sh*t I fell asleep on my couch. Give me three months, I will f*ck you up so hard and shut your little ego down. Don’t f*ck with me KSI mate, delete your tweet right now.”

KSI responded: “Lol ok, I’ll wait 3 months. See you in March ????”

Earlier today, KSI tweeted Gross Gore saying: “Ite, it’s March. Wassup?”

Gross Gore responded with an angry, sweary video.

He said (swearing removed to make it easier to transcribe!): “Shouldn’t you be fighting Jake Paul? Why do you wanna pop me so hard? Why are you ducking him? I’ve been working out for three months, I’m in the best shape of my life.

“You’ve ignored me for months on end, now all of a sudden you’ve come out of the blue and want to fight me? You haven’t contacted me. Jake Paul called you out and you said you don’t fight any more, you do music. Well your music sucks, you ain’t a real rapper and you ain’t a real boxer.

“I’ve never been inside a ring. Give me three years… obviously I said three months but I was angry. Stop picking on YouTubers and grow up.”

KSI hit back with the following tweet:

Well, that’s that.

Gross Gore did add some more detail on stream later this evening, saying that KSI has had three years’ training with the Mayweathers and if he had the same, a fight would be more even. But it looks like this is not happening.

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1 year ago

If only I had a nickle for each and every piece of pointless internet prattle grovelling for my attention. But alas, talk is cheap.