Insomnia attendees can now camp in cardboard tents as gaming festival adds new Eco Village

Insomnia Eco Village

Insomnia Gaming Festival has added a new Eco Village in a bid to become more sustainable.

With reports showing that 23,500 tonnes of waste are produced annually at UK festivals, i66 said it’s ‘determined to take control of the situation’ and do its best to get greener.

It’s teamed up with Nestlé Cereals’ Curiously Cinnamon to bring the first Eco Village to its line-up, which will see the introduction of 150 sustainably-sourced cardboard tents for gamers to stay in over the course of the four-day festival.

Organisers say the tents have enough room for two, are made with ‘both practicality and comfort in mind’ and are recyclable. They say they’re also better at blocking out light than the usual tents in the Birmingham NEC’s indoor camping halls.

Phil Crawford from Player1 Events, the organisers behind Insomnia66 (i66), said: “We’re in the midst of a climate change crisis and the effect of this is being felt the world over: however, whilst its seen a rise in reusable water bottles and a ban on plastic bags, these changes haven’t translated to the world of festivals like ours… yet.

“Now, it’s time to get serious and to get honest with ourselves about the impact that shows, conventions, and expos are having on the planet, and as organisers, we need to be responsible for designing festivals with sustainability plans built in.

“We really hope that those attending i66 get behind our pledge to go green and support our Eco Village. We know that this is just the first step of many to making Insomnia sustainable, but we look forward to working with even more partners to create a model of best practice for festivals to follow.

“Together, we can make a massive difference. We cannot wait to watch the Insomnia Eco Village come to life and make it a staple of every show going forward.”

By introducing the eco-friendly camping village during its festival, Insomnia’s organisers hope that it will encourage more events organisers to follow suit in making similar changes.

Guests can stay in the Eco Village from £75, which is cheaper than purchasing two singular camping tickets.

Insomnia Gaming Festival will return to Birmingham’s NEC from April 10th to 13th.

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