‘I’m made to be a boxer, people will pay to see me get beat up’ – Ali Larsen on preparing for his KSI fight, streaming RuneScape again, why he hasn’t played LoL due to in-game toxicity and… being a mormon

ali larsen mormon

UK League of Legends streamer Ali Larsen – aka Gross Gore – is back after a break from streaming.

Ali has been away from Twitch for almost three months, after saying he would start phasing out the ‘Gross Gore’ name and consider swapping game streaming for reality TV-style content.

He streamed again this evening and promised his viewers he won’t leave again.

Ali said he will run a mix of streams in the future, including RuneScape (Iron Man mode), League of Legends and other games. He also wants to have viewers play games with him on stream and will also use a GoPro to record himself at events.

He’s been working out in preparation for his alleged upcoming fight with huge British YouTuber KSI, and said that while he hasn’t heard from KSI since their initial interaction, he will drive to KSI’s house in March to spar with him.

“I’m made to be a boxer. People will pay money to see me get beaten up,” Ali said.

In terms of League of Legends, he said he hasn’t played it in three months due to in-game toxicity and receiving a 30-day mute punishment.

“I don’t want to get back into league and become a toxic horrible miserable child,” Ali said. “I want to stay fresh.”

In terms of other changes to his stream, Grossie has added a text-to-speech mode for his viewers to talk direct to him, without needing to make donations or subscribe. He said he’s really pumped for this sort of content. But it is a bit hectic.

In other Ali Larsen updates, he saw his viral TikTok video removed for breaking community guidelines, he wants to release a porno in the future, oh and… he’s becoming a mormon.

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