Two UK players finish in Fortnite World Cup top six

uk fortnite players world cup

Two British teenagers are among the best Fortnite players in the world.
Kyle ‘Mongraal’ Jackson (left), who joined Team Secret last year aged 13 and later moved to FaZe Clan, and Jaden “Wolfiez” Ashman (right) who plays for Lazarus, finished sixth and second respectively in the Fortnite World Cup duos tournament on the weekend.
Mongraal took home half of $450,000 (shared with his duo partner Mitro), while Wolfiez split a huge $2.25m with his duo partner Rojo.
This meant Wolfiez received almost £1m. Not bad for a 15-year-old!
Elsewhere, other UK players made their mark at the World Cup in New York, winning almost $2m between them. itemm finished eighth in the duo tournament, while benjyfishy finished 14th, Tuckz 26th and Mexe 45th.
Mongraal also did well in the solos tournament, finishing 13th and taking home $150,000 there. benjyfishy finished 25th, smeef 44th and CoreGamingg 49th (each winning $50,000).
The overall winners were US player Bhuga (solos), Nyhrox and Aqua (duos), Airwaks and RL GRIME (Pro-Am) and Cizzorz, TylerH, Suezhoo and zand (Creative).
Bhuga took home $3m, as did Nyhrox and Aqua (split between them), while the overall prize pot stood at some $30m.
While it’s fantastic to see UK talent doing well in esports on the big stage, and winning large amounts of prizes, it also raises questions. These players are still very young and some members of the UK esports community have wondered how this kind of life-changing event will affect them.

Some of the comments on Mongraal’s recent tweet about wanting a girlfriend are a little disturbing.

Hopefully with the right guidance and support from their parents/guardians, friends, family and teammates, they will be fine. And here’s to many more top UK Fortnite players emerging in the future.
Lastly, Fortnite is often downplayed by some pockets of the esports community as ‘not being a real esport’. Whatever your opinion, you cannot dispute the size of the tournament with its millions of viewers and the fact that Epic Games have put their money where their mouth is.
It’ll be interesting to see how competitive Fortnite evolves going forwards. If it can get young people involved in gaming and esports early, who knows, the Mongraals and Wolfiez of the world could become future champs in other shooter games like CSGO, Rainbow Six and Overwatch later down the line.

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