'UK streamers need to git gud at TFT!' – Bizzleberry on UK streamers missing out at Twitch Rivals TFT Showdown

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The UK is notably absent from the upcoming $125,000 Twitch Rivals: Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Showdown tournament.
64 streamers will be taking part in competition which will be played on the North American server on July 17th and 18th.
There will be a host of popular streamers involved from North America, EUW, EUNE, Russia, Oceania, Brazil, Turkey, and LATAM. They include the likes of Scarra, Dyrus, Gosu, imaqtpie, Kripp, Trick2G, Yassuo and more.
You can check out this official page for more info and the full list of participants, as well as the  Twitch Rivals channel where the action will be taking place.

What about the UK?

There are a host of notable League of Legends streamers and content creators from or based in the UK, from RossBoomSocks to Kiandymundi, Vicksy, Huzzy and Foxdrop to name a few, and it’s a shame they won’t feature in Twitch Rivals.
However, UK streamer Bizzleberry put together his own UK tournament the other day, featuring eight UK content creators.
Bizzle ended up runner-up, with Phy taking the top spot:

UK esports org Lions Creed are also hosting a TFT tournament this weekend. This has seen a lot of high elo players from the UK (who aren’t necessarily streamers) enter.
Also, a UK team of streamers did take part in a League of Legends Twitch Rivals competition earlier this year.

‘UK needs to git gud!’ – Bizzleberry

bizzleberryEsports News UK’s Dom Sacco spoke to Bizzleberry in the UK League Discord, who said that UK creators need to increase their follower and viewer numbers to get a chance in the big leagues, and was happy to be quoted on this.
“It would have been nice to have someone from UK at least representing, but nobody [in the UK] comes close to most of the concurrent numbers [from other top streamers],” he said.
“If you look at follow count, it’s all around 100k+ I think, concurrents are likely 1k+.
“UK streamers just need to git gud.”
Bizzle added: “Streaming numbers drop by about 50% for everyone through coming from League, at least from the UK, so it’s a tough one. Maybe with ranked coming out next week if a couple of UK people shine, then they could do OK.”

Twitch Prime Cup

Twitch have been running other League and Prime activities too, including exclusive LoL loot for Prime users and the upcoming Twitch Prime Cup.

Esports tournament provider Gfinity has announced it’s helping to deliver the Twitch Prime Crown Cup, a ‘global celebrity gaming exhibition on July 13th, created to celebrate Amazon Prime Day.

Gfinity will be handling production and broadcasting, event management, graphic design and the provision of the Gfinity Arena in London.

There will be content giveaways in Apex Legends and EA Sports games, and 16 celebrities including Thierry Henry and Mo Farah will be taking part in Twitch Prime Crown Cup tournaments in London and Las Vegas.
This will take place on July 13th from 6pm BST at twitch.tv/twitchprime.

Prime Day itself starts at midnight on July 15th and will offer customers discounts for 48 hours this year.

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