UK League players sign up to new Teamfight Tactics tournament

TFT UK tournament

UPDATE (July 8th): Other tournaments are now emerging. Content creator Bizzleberry posted details of this tournament featuring fellow content creators:

Original article (published July 3rd):
It’s only a few weeks old but Teamfight Tactics – League of Legends’ take on auto chess – is thriving. And now it has its own UK tournament.
Lions Creed, the esports organisation formerly known as Lionhearts, is running a TFT competition that has attracted many members the UK League of Legends community.
Several high elo players that have been in the ESL Premiership or UKLC have expressed interest in taking part, including the likes of Governor, Skudzy, Snuggli, Akkers and others, including coaches and organisation staff.
The tournament will adopt a knockout format, with the top two people in each match moving on to the next stage.

Lions Creed owner Abdiqani ‘True Rambo’ Ahmed told Esports News UK: “Our motive for this is to see who’s actually the best. There’s been a lot of talk from people claiming to be the best at TFT – and this tournament will prove it.
“We initially made this within our community but decided to make it open to others. Also, we would like to run it to see [how TFT copes with a competitive tournament].
“Since spectate has not been added yet we will be running with the old tournament system of posting the post-game screen to show leaderboards. We will also have members of staff playing in case of any problems or cheating.”
Teams for the tournament will be random and entrants are allowed to stream it.
The competition will take place on July 13th at 7pm and will feature RP prizing. It looks like Lions Creed staff who enter the tournament will stream what they can via the Lions Creed Twitch channel.

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