MnM Gaming qualify for Rainbow Six Siege Pro League

mnm rb6 pro league

It’s been a huge week for UK esports organisation MnM Gaming who are now playing in the big leagues.
MnM have qualified for Season 10 of the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League, the top tier of competitive Rainbow Six.
They beat Team Vitality 2-1 in the ESL Challenger League final, winning 7-3 on Border, losing 7-2 on Oregon and winning Club House 7-4.
Team Vitality then played Secret and beat them 2-1 to reach the Pro League, with Secret now playing in the lower-tier Challenger League next season.

MnM will join the following other organisations from Europe in the Pro League: Team Empire, LeStream Esport, Chaos, G2, mousesports, Penta Sports and Team Vitality.
There are also eight Rainbow Six Pro League teams from North American and eight from Latin America.

“The team have shown that hard work and dedication really pays off. People might not realise how much practice and behind the scenes preparation has been done over the past few months, but they have well and truly deserved their success.”
Kalvin Chung, MnM founder

MnM have had a successful foray into competitive Rainbow Six since the game got its own ESL Premiership in the UK & Ireland.
MnM qualified for the Challenger League earlier this year and won the recent ESL Prem RB6 finals in Manchester.

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