Denmark to advance esports policy

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It’s been confirmed that Denmark is going to advance its own esports policy. The government has put in place a strategy to support esports, including how it can support players and talent and review the laws affecting esports.
After all, the development of an industry which encourages competition, fair play, and also integrity is one which is to be applauded, as will attest to.
This new policy, which has been devised by the leaders in Denmark, will involve the creation of a panel in the spring. It’s been designed to help maintain a healthy community, address the concerns of parents, encourage the growth and progression of games, bring more women into esports and generally create a central point from which queries may be handled.
This dedicated panel will aim to help ensure that a stable infrastructure for esports can be developed in Denmark. With top games like CSGO and League of Legends ever-popular, and plenty of Danish talent in esports, the government will hope it can help Denmark fulfil its potential in esports, make it a sustainable industry and ensure that equal opportunities and protection exist for a whole spectrum of gamers.

“We must ensure a good framework for esports. It has fast-paced economic development and some Danish players are among the world elite.”
Mette Bock, Denmark’s Minister of Culture

It is a very noble goal, in which the Prime Minister of Denmark, Lars Løkke Rasmussen (pictured at the CSGO Blast Pro Series), is highly appreciative of. He’s been vocal in his support of esports before and the latest news shows he wants to continue to back it.
The panel has also been designed to help address some other issues in the gaming community, such as cheating and player toxicity, and to ensure that people have a safe and friendly environment in which to play.
Denmark’s Minister of Culture, Mette Bock, said: “We must ensure a good framework for the sport. Esports has fast-paced sporting and economic development, and some Danish players are among the world elite.
“However, large groups of especially young boys have changed their leisure habits and patterns of socializing. It opens up opportunities, but also raises concerns, not least among many parents. The upcoming esport panel will also have to address this.”
This new strategy can only be positive overall; there is no doubt that the community and esports industry will continue to develop and change, and having direct government support through these developments can make all the difference.

Promoted article (contains affiliate links)

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