Fnatic Rising take revenge on Excel Esports to become week 2 tower champions, with bot lane duo xMatty and Prosfair leading the charge

fnatic rising

Fnatic rose to the top of the tower in the second week of the League of Legends UK League Championship (UKLC), after exacting revenge over Excel Esports.
Last week, Fnatic were leading Excel but began to throw and Excel fought hard to take the victory, before going on to defeat Enclave and claim the top spot.
This week, however, Fnatic did not make the same mistake. At times their overall play wasn’t as clean as they might have liked, but they did more than enough to beat all comers to face Excel in the final match of the week and show the UK scene why they deserve to be on top.
All team members performed well, but it was arguably the Fnatic bot lane duo of ADC xMatty and support player Prosfair who went the extra mile to carry their team to victory.
Prosfair picked up a few kills as Gragas in one game, and absolutely dominated with Pyke in another.

Meanwhile, xMatty was much more consistent this week and put in an incredible performance with a perfect 10/0/7 KDA as Ezreal against Excel.
In fact, xMatty was the star of the show in the final match – he was 4/0 up at just after six minutes and caused Excel trouble all match.

But while Fnatic were ahead with 47k gold to Excel’s 40k at around the 25-minute mark, they gave away a few silly kills, and Excel pushed back hard to stay in the game, making Fnatic’s team fights difficult. They picked up a few more kills after 30 minutes to make it 9-15 in Fnatic’s favour.
Excel support player Mystiques, who played so well last week as Thresh, couldn’t produce the same performance again, going 1/9/7 as Rakan.
A huge team fight at 38 minutes allowed Fnatic to take all three inhibitors, and they soon won the game a few minutes later with a 9k gold lead, winning with 19 kills to Excel’s 12.


What about the other week 2 UKLC matches?

In yesterday’s games, Diabolus beat Bulldog in a close-fought match, before Darkspawn beat Barrage. This one saw Darkspawn top-laner Akkers pull off a clean inhib and escape with a slither of health using Sion’s ulti, to create a Summoner’s Drift moment.

Phelan vs MnM, meanwhile, was one of the stranger games of the UKLC so far. Phelan had 14 kills and MnM had none, but they did take two inhibitors despite that.
Phelan found some confidence towards the end of the game to push into MnM’s base and take the victory. Their draft was also very good, with Yorick first pick and the more well-rounded side to MnM’s squishier, riskier comp, so props to Phelan’s assistant coach Limitless and the team there including Coach Shelby.
Then Fnatic Rising swept aside Enclave Gaming 21-9, with Fnatic’s interesting bot lane of Yasuo (xMatty) and Gragas (Prosfair) and mid-laner MagiFelix as Urgot performing well. The whole team performed solidly, including jungler Dan (Karthus) and top-laner Shikari (Jarvan).
Earlier today, Diabolus beat Phelan and Fnatic took down Darkspawn.

In the match to decide which team would face current tower champions Excel, it was an intense fight between Diabolus and Fnatic. Prosfair put in an excellent support carry performance as Pyke to help Fnatic seal the win.
Here are the standings for week 2 and we’ll see you for more action next week:

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