All UK sales of the Dark Star Cho’Gath skin will be donated to SpecialEffect

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Riot Games has launched a Dark Star Cho’Gath limited edition skin in League of Legends, with all proceeds from UK sales going to the SpecialEffect charity.
It’s part of an initiative involving Riot, non-profit-focused crowdfunding community GlobalGiving, the Make A Wish Foundation and more.
Last year, a League of Legends player called Bryan made a wish to create a skin in League of Legends. You can see info on this and Bryan’s story here:

Riot and Bryan worked on developing the Dark Star Cho’Gath limited edition skin, which is now available to buy in-game until August 10th, priced at 1,350RP (Riot Points). Bryan even played the clarinet in the skin’s final theme song, which you can listen to here.
There’s also a Dark Star Cho’Gath icon/border (350RP) and emote (600RP) available, as outlined on this page on the League of Legends website.
There are also two bundles: the skin and icon for 1,500RP (or 1,792RP if Cho’Gath hasn’t been unlocked), and the skin, border, icon and Galactic Heart icon for 2,500RP (or 2,792RP if Cho’Gath isn’t yet unlocked).
After August 10th, the skin, icon, and border will leave the shop, but Dark Star Cho’Gath will eventually return as a Gemstone skin.
Riot said in a statement: “We’re honored to be bringing Bryan’s vision into League and supporting nonprofit organisations along the way. We will donate 100% of the proceeds from this skin (as well as the icon, emote, and bundles) to our partner, GlobalGiving, who will then distribute grant funding on a proportional basis from sales in each participating region to select nonprofits around the world.”

“Massive thanks to all the team at Riot Games for their support – it’s going to help Ryan and so many more gamers with disabilities”

The proceeds are going to charities in 21 countries around the world, including Make A Wish France, Gaming-Aid in Germany, Autism Society Korea and others. Each nonprofit is guaranteed a minimum donation of at least $10,000.
As mentioned, the UK sales will be going to SpecialEffect, a charity that helps people with disabilities play video games.
SpecialEffect said in a statement on its website that the donations will help more gamers like Ryan, who is shown in the video below playing League of Legends using a custom control setup that SpecialEffect put together for him.
“Ryan has muscular dystrophy, so he doesn’t have the finger strength or movement to press the buttons on a keyboard, but four lightweight buttons acting like eight different keyboard presses, along with some custom voice controls, kept him playing,” SpecialEffect said. “Since then his condition has advanced, so we’re going back soon to see how we can keep this Summoner in the Rift!
“Massive thanks to all the team at Riot Games for their support – it’s going to help Ryan and so many more gamers with disabilities!”

Last year Esports News UK put on a 24-hour charity stream, raising more than £600 for SpecialEffect.
Others in the industry have raised money for the charity, including Insomnia pub quizzes, the Battle of the Brands tournament and more.

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